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By Opella

60" Metal Hose, Double-Lock Spiral

60-inch metal hose, double lock spiral
  • 1/2" conical nuts - knurled surface for better grip
  • All brass construction
  • Flexible outer sleeve
  • Seals, flat washers, included

60" Double-Lock Spiral Shower Hose - Chrome = $8.94
Limited to stock

We also offer shower hoses by Elements of Design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Is there any special care for increasing the longevity of my shower hose?"
A.Yes. After each use, it is very important that all of the kinks be removed from the hose before setting the handset on the bracket. Kinks left in the hose or any unusual twisting or pulling will eventually cause the hose to crack, unravel and begin to leak.

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