Installation Instructions for the FloodStop System
for Washing Machines

Protect your home from water damage with FloodStop

Floodstop control unit with parts labeled

Easy 5 minute installation for the FloodStop Washing Machine Systems

Have your new FloodStop system up and running in no time by following the simple instructions below.

Prevent flooding
Turn off the water supply at the manual shut-off valves.

flood washer
Remove the existing supply hoses from the manual shut-off valves.

easy installations for preventing water damage in your laundry room
Connect the FloodStop valves downstream of the manual shutoff valves as close to the manual shutoff valves as possible.

install a clothes washer flood preventer today
Attach the water supply line to the outlet side of the FloodStop valves, which lead to the appliance.

Note: Do not grip the plastic motor drive for leverage when tightening the fitting. Be sure the water supply lines are connected securely to the washing machine before going to the next step.

washing machine flood preventer
Turn on the manual shut-off valve and check for any leaks. Tighten as needed until any dripping stops.

automatic shut off valves
If using 120V AC as the primary power source, connect the power plug to the FloodStop control unit and install 4 "AA" batteries, which will act as a secondary backup power source.
If using batteries only as the primary power source, install 4 "AA" batteries.

great plumbing idea
Connect the 4-pin connector to the FloodStop control unit.

Stop flood damage before it starts
Use either the Velcro provided or the screws provided to mount the controller.

Attach 2-pin connector to the FloodStop water sensor. Wipe up any water that could activate the sensor and FloodStop system.

Locate the sensor for the Flood Saver
Place the water sensor at the base of the appliance.

Note: If the sensor is located inside a metal pan, place a cloth or paper towel beneath it to insulate the sensor from the metal pan. If the appliance is set inside a pan, consider using 2 sensors and placing one outside the pan and another inside the pan.

helps prevent flooding
Plug in the power unit (transformer) to the wall receptacle.

stop flood damage
Check to ensure the control unit is on. Initiate a test cycle by dropping water on the sensor to validate the functions.

It's that easy. The FloodStop is now installed and is providing some protection against further water damage caused by the washing machine or the hoses breaking.

FloodStop for Washing Machines = $116.74
Model #FS 3/4-H90-V4
Rated 0-180 psi

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Total water damage prevention is not possible with any device but this FloodStop product can provide help in slowing down leaks. Note that all mechanical devices will (eventually) fail and that no device can (honestly) guarantee 100% protection against flood damage. However, a little vigilance, in the form of proper maintenance and regular inspections, can go a long way toward protecting you from water damage.

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