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Frost Proof Hydrants

Woodford Manufacturing is the premier manufacturer of residential and commercial hydrants and faucets. For 75 years they have been a leader in the industry.® offers a wide range of Woodford products and repair parts.

Woodford Freezless Hydrants

Interesting trivia: Ice can generate pressures to nearly 40,000 psi.

frost free hose bibbs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "If I install one of these hydrants can I still get water from the faucet (hydrant) when it is freezing outside?"
A. The way these hydrants work is that once you turn off the water to these the water in the standpipe drains out leaving the upper pipe empty. In an extremely hard freeze (with a near 32 degree water source as well) the standpipe might be very cold and you won't be able to get any water. It also might then damage the standpipe. In most conditions this won't be a problem, but we do want to warn you as we cannot predict or guarantee that in all cases that these hydrants will function as they are designed to do in extreme conditions. Some freezing conditions are so harsh that burials as deep as 8' are needed. Due to shipping costs, we only sell up to 5' burial depths.

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