Installing D-Shaped Shower Rods

D-style shower rods are a unique solution to putting up a shower curtain around a tub/shower that only has one wall for mounting. The back bar allows you to hang a curtain that doesn't move, protecting the wall behind. The other three sides of the rod hold the moveable curtain. This product is one of our best sellers, and our customers say, "Thanks!" for offering such a unique, hard-to-find product.

These shower rods are easy to install!

"D" Style Shower Rod Package Includes:
Installation instructions for D style shower rods

A & BCurved rod sections
CShort front rod section
GCeiling support loop
H & IWall flanges
JCeiling support flange
KAdjustable ceiling support rod
LLong straight back bar
M & NBack bar insert loops

Installation Instructions

1) Slide ceiling support loop G onto short straight section C.

2) Apply adhesive tape or masking tape to hold the ceiling support loop in place, so it will not slide and scratch the rod.

3) Assemble curved sections A and B to short straight section C with special adapters attached or crimped ends.

4) Place adhesive tape or masking tape over joining areas of (A and C) and (B and C) to facilitate installation.

5) Locate wall flanges H and I and install with wood screws so that D-rod is centrally located over tub. Make certain that D-rod is installed under shower arm and head or under riser assembly.

6) Pre-assemble D-rod to wall flanges while placing ceiling support rod alongside center of section C to locate ceiling support flange J and to determine proper length of ceiling support rod K.

7) Remove D-rod for later assembly.

8) If necessary cut ceiling support rod K with a metal saw and mount ceiling support flange J to ceiling with wood screws.

9) Insert loops M and N into long straight back bar L.

10) Slide back bar L on open side of the U-shaped assembly with pre-assembled loops.

11) Locate back bar L at a point where the curtain will drop vertically into the tub. Tighten set screws on loops.

12) Screw ceiling support rod K into ceiling flange J.

13) Reassemble D-rod to flanges H and I while attaching rod K to loop G and tighten setscrew.

14) Tighten setscrews on wall flanges H and I.

15) Remove tape and installation is complete.

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