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Cuno Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems

These high quality systems by AquaPure (Cuno) have been retired from our product offerings. However, we still offer replacement parts for select systems.

Replacement Parts for Aqua-Pure Ultraviolet Filter Systems

Description Part # Price & Quantity
Replacement O-Ring - fits APUV1, APUV2, APUV5, APUV8, APUV24, and APUV65 56058-62  $2.29
Lubricant for O-Ring - FDA Approved 963-01 $2.52

 SUPER SALE! (while supplies last)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Is there anything I should do before installing an ultraviolet filter system??"
A. Before installing any UV (brand) unit, we think it a good idea to start with a clean system (water lines, water heater, etc.). It's best to disinfect the entire downstream system with chlorine (caution, too much chlorine can damage your pipes) or other disinfectant that is safe for piping and humans. Micro-organisms will continue to thrive unless you take the time to start with a clean system.

Q. "Does a UV system require any chemicals or anything else that I have to add??"
A. Most manufacturers recommend that you use a 5 micron (or smaller) sediment filter before a UV unit (problem with a small 5 micron is the flow rate is reduced significantly and we recommend that if you buy our 5 gpm Jumbo filters to buy the 20" double models which will normally provide enough volume for the 12 gallons per minute rating). This is required because large particles provide a haven for microorganisms that you are trying to destroy. Depending on the turbidity of the water, multiple sediment filters may also be required before the UV system. If color or suspended particles are present, the transmission quality of any UV light is diminished and its disinfecting properties are then limited. Where this is a problem, a quality carbon filter may be needed after the sediment filter and before the UV unit.

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