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Commercial Service and Wash Sink Fittings

Proudly made in the USA

Chicago brand service faucets can be found in institutions everywhere. Their durability, style and value-priced selection make them a leader in the industry.

Chicago Service and Wash Sink Faucets
Model # 911-CP - 8" Widespread

chicago service faucets
  • Wall Mounted Concealed Fitting
  • 5 3/4" Spout with Pail Hook and Wall Brace
  • 3/4" Male Hose Thread Outlet
  • Slow Compression Cartridge
  • 892-G - Elevated Vacuum Breaker
  • Round Escutcheons
  • Not ADA Compliant

Model # 911-CP = $442.62

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Adjustable Wall Mount Faucets
Model 305-CP - Adjustable 4" - 8 3/8" Centers

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Chicago service sink faucets
Model # 305-CP & 305-RCP* Features:
  • Wall Mounted Fitting
  • Short Spout with Pail Hook
  • 3/4" Male Hose Thread Outlet
  • Quaturn™ Operating Cartridge
  • "H" Adjustable Supply Arms
Description Price & Quantity
Model # 305-CP $223.03
Model # 305-RCP* $216.88
* "R" adjustable supply arms with integral service stop instead of "H" adjustable supply arms

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Single Hole Service Fitting
Model # 952-CP - Wall Mount

chicago service faucets
  • Inside Sill Fitting
  • Vacuum Breaker Spout
  • 3/4" NPT Female Thread Inlet
  • 293-6 - Loose Key Handle
  • Slow Compression Cartridge
  • Not ADA Compliant

Model # 952-CP = $198.90

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Service Sink Faucets
Models # 686-RCF - 3 3/8" Centers

chicago service faucets
  • Laundry Tray Fitting
  • S6 - Cast Swing Spout
  • E2 - 3/4" Male Hose Thread Outlet
  • Quaturn™ Operating Cartridge
  • Mounting Clamps
  • Rough Chrome Finish

Model # 686-RCF = $211.06

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Multi Purpose Cleaning Brush

Faucet cleaning brush
This Brushtech cleaning brush features:
  • Removes soap scum and dirt from places where sponges can't reach
  • Soft plastic white bristles do not mark or scratch delicate surfaces
  • Flexible design gets in and around taps and pipes
  • Also great for cleaning pipes that are close to walls, furniture legs, and other hard to reach places
  • View multi-purpose cleaning brush dimensions
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button
Examples of ways you can use this cleaning brush
Multi Purpose Cleaning Brush $6.60
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Please note: While we strive to ensure every product we label as "Made in the USA" really is 100% made in the USA, it is also important to understand that sometimes manufacturers make changes to their products, or for various reasons may receive components or materials that they would normally purchase domestically from an overseas supplier - and they don't necessarily let distributors (like us!) know that they've changed something about the product or where it is manufactured.

If you receive a product that® says is "Made in the USA" and the product states it was manufactured elsewhere, please contact us. We will happily replace or refund your purchase to your satisfaction.

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