L-Shaped Ceiling Mounted Shower Rod

Installation instructions for left or right bend ceiling mounted track rod

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example of an installed l-shaped ceiling mounted shower track
Included Items:
  • Two Sections of Track
    • (1) 28" straight section
  • • (1) 32" x 32" section with 90° corner
  • 1 Connector
  • 2 End Caps
  • 7 Drywall 1/4" Anchors
  • 7 #10 x 1-1/2" Screws
  • 18 Carrier Rollers with Hooks
Recommended Tools (not included):
  • Drill
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • 1/8" & 1/4" drill bits
  • Hammer

  1. The L-shaped track is installed on the ceiling, aligning the track as desired. Slip the sections of track together at the Connector and hold to ceiling to see that it fits as desired. (The End Cap may be on the wrong leg of L section for your application. If so, remove and place on the end of other leg.) If the track is longer than the distance available, the ends can be shortened using a hacksaw. On the shortened ends, using the End Caps as a guide, drill new 7/32" screw holes.
  2. Hold the track to the ceiling and mark the seven holes on the ceiling. Take the track down and drill a 1/8" pilot hole at the marks for the drywall anchor and screw. If a drill hole hits a stud, no drywall anchor is needed and the mounting screws can be screwed directly into the stud at the pilot hole. In holes where you do not hit a stud, drill a 1/4" hole through the drywall; insert a drywall anchor into the 1/4" hole, tapping it in lightly with a hammer until it is flush with the ceiling.
  3. Before attaching the track, insert the Carriers/Hooks into the track. Make sure to insert the number of Carriers to match the number of grommets in the curtain. (Note: there are probably a few extra Carriers included in the package.)
  4. With the End Caps and Connector in place, attach the track at the mounting holes with #10 x 1-1/2" screws. Start with the center screw on each section; then add the screws at the Connector and finally add the screws at the End Caps.
  5. Attach the curtain to the Carriers/Hooks.

step by step photo installation example

L-Shaped Ceiling Mounted Shower Track Rod - White Enamel = $122.96

L-Shaped Ceiling Mounted Shower Track Rod - Brushed Aluminum = $124.27

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Extensions for above L-Shaped Ceiling Mounted Shower Tracks
Each extension includes 1 Each splicer connector

Model Description Price & Quantity
12" Track Rod Extension - White Enamel $13.28
12" Track Rod Extension - Brushed Aluminum $13.40
24" Track Rod Extension - White Enamel $26.63
24" Track Rod Extension - Brushed Aluminum $26.62

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