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The Ultimate Shower Drain Installation and Removal Tool

The easier way to remove, install, or tighten your shower drain is here. This shower drain removal and installation tool simplifies your drain work, and does the job without any other special tools - a simple turn of the tee-handle loosens or tightens even the toughest drain nuts. A water-tight seal is necessary for a perfect installation , and the shower drain removal and installation tool is the solution to help you achieve that goal.

an image of the Bulldog shower drain tool
Great features of this shower drain tool:

The Bulldog shower drain tool is an innovative and unique tool for professionals who demand superior performance from their tools. This tool is a must have for plumbers, rental owners, property management companies, and anyone else installing or repairing a shower drain. It quickly and easily tightens both slip-on (no-caulk) shower drains, as well as threaded shower drains. Designed to slide between the inner portion of the upper and lower drain body to tighten the brass ring nut onto the ABS/PVC pipe ensuring adequate compression and eliminating leaks for good.

Shower Drain Removal and Installation Tool = $21.23

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Learn how to use the Bulldog Ultimate Shower Drain Tool

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How To Use the Bulldog Shower Drain Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why is this tool better than traditional shower drain tools?"
A. The Bulldog shower drain tool is designed to be used on all shower drain installations. If the drain pipe is cut too high or at a crooked angle, traditional tools can have issues with properly tightening the inner nut compression fitting to the drain pipe. This can cause leaks in the system and potential water damage. The Bulldog tool will reach the compression nut even in limited space, and ensure the proper seal between your shower drain and the drain pipe.

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