One-Of-A-Kind Adjustable Floor Drains With Deck Flange

Proudly made in the USA
These unique drains are just the ticket for your loft addition, or for any second floor application where a drain is needed. Their adjustable depth flange is perfect for floors up to 3/4" thick, and are easy to install. Looking for more drain products? Click onto our page.

Unique Adjustable Floor Drain With Deck Flange

Halo drains
  • Drain adjusts to accommodate flooring thicknesses of up to 3/4"
  • Great for loft remodels, second floor utility rooms/laundry rooms and concrete decks
  • Outlet glues over 2" pipe and inside 3" pipe, or over 3" pipe and inside 4" pipe
  • 2" wide, 18 gauge heavy duty stainless steel flange
  • Includes integral o-ring between flange & drain body - helps prevent leaks
  • Pre-threaded knockout trap primer port - for trap primer in low use areas
  • Nickel-Bronze Strainer Load Rating: 1,000lbs (light duty, pedestrian traffic)
  • 18 GA Stainless Steel Strainer Load Rating: 2,000lbs (light duty, pedestrian traffic)
  • Available in PVC or ABS
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Standard Installation

standard installation diagram 1

Installs easily from the top side of the floor. Cut a 6"-7 1/4" hole, & secure with six S/B screws.

standard installation diagram 2

Minimal up-adjustment needed for thin flooring like vinyl or linoleum. Most 2" traps will fit in a 10" deep joist cavity

standard installation diagram 3

Adjustment up to 3/4" possible for application using cement board or lightweight concrete and tile. Most 3" traps will fit in a 12" deep joist cavity

Drain and Nickel-Bronze Ring and Strainer
Material Connection Size Strainer Pattern Price & Quantity
PVC 2" or 3" Round $58.58
2" or 3" Square $66.18
3" or 4" Round $61.64
3" or 4" Square $66.18
ABS 2" or 3" Round $61.87
2" or 3" Square $66.18
3" or 4" Round $52.00
3" or 4" Square $66.18
Drain With 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Strainer
PVC 2" or 3" Round $37.25
3" or 4" Round $36.57
ABS 2" or 3" Round $30.71
3" or 4" Round $32.25
Connection Size Explained
2" or 3" drain fits over 2" pipe or inside 3" pipe
3" or 4" drain fits over 3" pipe or inside 4" pipe
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