Finish Line Adjustable Floor Drains Installation

Installing a Finish Line adjustable drain is a snap with our helpful installation assistance. You'll appreciate how easy the Finish Line is to install, and following the manufacturers installation instructions will get you a perfect finish, done right, every time. Looking for more adjustable drainage products? Click onto our page.

The Finish Line Adjustable Drainage System Consists of Four Parts:
Finish Line adjustable drain

Installing the Finish Line Adjustable Drainage System

Set Drain
Step 1: Set The Drain
  • Set the Finish Line so the top is flush to the concrete pour level. The height is adjusted by threading the coring sleeve up or down.
Pour Concrete
Step 2: Pour The Concrete
  • The concrete is poured level with the top of the Finish Line . The concrete contractor can easily power-trowel the slab and eliminate the need to hand finish around drains and cleanouts. The heavy duty coring plug stands up to job site abuse and traffic.
Remove Coring Plug
Step 3: Remove Coring Plug
  • Remove the temporary coring plug by breaking through the protective label, inserting pliers into the slot, and threading the plug out from the coring sleeve.
Install Finish Fixture
Step 4: Install Finish Fixture
  • The finish fixture, clean and free from job site abuse, can then be installed and adjusted up or down to meet the finished floor covering. For finished concrete floors, permanently secure the finish fixture by applying silicone to the threads.
Adjust Finish Fixture
Step 5: Adjust Finish Fixture
  • Strainers and covers may be set up to the proper height by the flooring contractor. Adjustments can be made up to 1-1/4" higher than the top of the coring sleeve.
All Done
Step 6: Enjoy Your Perfectly Set Drain
  • Achieve a perfect finish to each strainer or cover every time. Threading adjustments allow for the proper height while adjustment shims ensure that the strainer or cover is perfectly level.

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