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Miroir Brot Mirrors

There is more to a mirror than meets the eye... or is there? While the average vanity or table-top mirror offers hard-to-see, distorted images, and unappealing aesthetic appearance, consumers are learning that they do not have to settle for these poorly made, unsightly options. There are mirrors that do not have to be hidden away from public eye after use, offering a reflection so true, so clear, so crisp, they offer an experience similar to hearing your own voice for the first time. Miroir Brot offers such quality mirrors that many discerning consumers are asking for them by name.

Vanity/Table Top Miroir Brot Mirrors

Reversible mirror
Petite vanity mirror
Adjustable height vanity mirror
Petite glass base mirror
Petite Elegance glass base halo-lighted vanity mirror
Adjustable height glass base mirror
Elegance halo-lighted glass base mirror
Triple mirror
Petite Elegance halo-lighted vanity mirror
Reversible vanity mirror
Elegance halo-lighted vanity mirror
Contemporary circle vanity mirror
Contemporary square mirror
Vanity square swivel mirror
Square halo-lighted mirror

Wall Hung Miroir Brot Mirrors

Wall mount front swivel mirror
Wall mounted swivel mirror with halo light
Wall bar swivel mirror
Single arm swivel mirror
Wall mount single arm mirror with halo light
Double arm swivel mirror
Wall mount double arm mirror with halo light
Single arm mirror with magnifying insert
Single arm reversible mirror
Double arm reversible mirror
Double arm Elysee reversible mirror
Single arm circle mirror
Double arm circle mirror
Single arm square mirror
Double arm square mirror
Single arm square mirror with halo light
Double arm square mirror with halo light
Single arm Azur mirror with LED lights
Double arm Azur mirror with LED lights

About Miroir Brot Mirrors

Miroir Brot creates mirrors as a work of art, with beautiful European style and incredible attention to detail. Since 1826, these wonderful mirrors have been fashioned in the heart of Old Paris, setting standards for the rest of the industry to attempt to emulate. In fact, Brot was the innovator of both the magnifying mirror and the illuminated mirror.

Beautiful mirrors are designed to complement the bathroom décor, not to be hidden away in a cabinet after use. Many of the mirrors on today's market offer unattractive plastic casings or poorly crafted metal ones that break easily, creating a cumbersome eyesore. Quality mirrors should not just be effective, but pleasing to the eye, and able to blend with many different styles of décor.

The finest mirror manufacturers produce a combination of finishes such as:
  • Polished Chrome Trim with White or Silver Casing
  • Polished Gold Trim with White or Golden Casing
  • Polished Nickel Trim with White or Silver Casing
  • Titanium/Satin Nickel Trim with White or Silver Casing

Illumination Options

Light glare or insufficient lighting can make using a vanity mirror a frustrating experience. Few mirror companies offer truly satisfying lighting options, but the finest mirrors offer consumers a choice of lighting enhancements on their mirrors. Options for Miroir Brot mirrors include:

  • Halo Lighting - circular lighting around the mirror offers soft, non-glaring illumination.
  • Spot Lighting - crafted into the mirror surface, this lighting prevents fogging and provides soft, direct illumination for perfect makeup-application or a stunning shave. Discontinued - Replacement bulbs still available

Choice in Magnification

Magnification in a mirror offers greater visual clarity and control even for those with excellent vision, but the problem with many mirrors is there is usually only one magnification choice. High quality mirrors, such as Miroir Brot, offer a choice of magnification in their mirrors, allowing those with more visual difficulties to select a mirror that will work best for their vision.

Choosing Quality

When selecting a mirror, do not settle for the cheaply made standard models. Miroir Brot offers a mirror that will transform your view on life. Their mirrors are crafted much like a lens on fine cameras and astronomical telescopes. Miroir Brot glaziers fashion the mirrors with a high quality curved glass, creating an absolutely distortion-free reflection. Their artisans grind, lap, and hand-polish optical glass to create the ultimate in high-quality mirrors that consistently astounds and satisfies users world-wide. When your bathroom demands the best, choose Miroir Brot.

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