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SceneSetter Mirrors

Unique front-lit LED dressing room and vanity mirrors that replicate real-life lighting

Whether you are in the business of selling products and services or simply want to look your best when going out, entertaining, or working (and really, who doesn't?), being able to check your look in different lighting can make a world of difference. Many makeup and wardrobe professionals know that lighting can make some colors look drab while others glimmer, and unflattering light can make even the most glamorous stars and models feel frumpy. With the uniquely lit SceneSetter mirrors, you can stop guessing and stressing about how you'll look at your cousin's formal wedding, your company's annual family picnic, or your big presentation on Monday, and go out with the confidence of knowing exactly how you'll look - and that you'll look great!

One of the best things about these mirrors? They can be used almost anywhere by almost anyone!

For example: walk-in closets, fashionistas' home dressing rooms, retail fitting rooms, theater dressing rooms, bridal dressing rooms, salons, boutiques, hotels, tailors/seamstresses or fashion designer's shops or studios, photo shoots or portrait studios, movie sets, concierge makeup and hair stylists, cosmetic sales consultants, spas, and more!

Full-Length Variable Light "Ultimate" Wardrobe Mirrors

Let your customers see themselves in a whole new light!

The SceneSetter is the cutting edge of fashion and technology, bringing you the world's first front-lit LED mirror with color tune control. With different settings replicating outdoor, evening, and office light, these mirrors highlight the subtle nuances of color tone - letting you see yourself in a whole new light. A quick touch of the button and you can see how you'll look in various real-life situations: a romantic dinner, a business presentation, or an outdoor excursion.

Dressing room mirror example - office lighting
Dressing room mirror example - evening lighting
Dressing room mirror example - outdoor lighting

Make it easy for your customers to say, "I love the way I look in this outfit."
Perfect for bridal boutiques, specialty clothing shops, tailors/seamstresses, and couture designers

Wall hung LED lighted mirror
These truly unique mirrors feature:
  • An easy-to-use, intuitive touch-screen interface that allows shoppers to quickly and easily adjust color temperature and intensity, and can be customized and adapted to your specific retail design needs
  • Acts as a personal in-store stylist to help customers achieve their most flattering look and makes trying on potential purchases a more pleasant experience - resulting in increased customer satisfaction, more sales, and fewer returns
  • Ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your upscale boutique, high-end retail establishment, or custom tailoring shop
  • Three customizable lighting scenes (evening - 2800K, office - 3900K, outdoor - 5100K) with varying light intensity simulate real-life environments so users know what they'll look like throughout the day and in various situations
  • Mirrors on this page are shown with Clear Anodized aluminum finished frame. Frames are also available in Gloss White and Matte Black finishes
  • Available in two sizes (24" x 60" or 42" x 76") to fit your needs with quality lightweight aluminum framing in several finishes
  • Mounting brackets included, easy to use right out of the box - just plug it in! (Can also be hardwired if desired)
  • View detailed mirror dimensions

Description Clear Anodized Gloss White Matte Black
SceneSetter Deluxe Wardrobe Mirror - 24" x 60" $1,799.49 $1,849.69 $1,849.59
SceneSetter Deluxe Wardrobe Mirror - 42" x 76" $3,029.30 Not Available Not Available
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Due to size/weight and to ensure safe delivery, certain items ship by truck and have a $175 additional shipping fee per freight item.
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Cosmetic Vanity/Tabletop Mirrors - The "Ultimate" Makeup Mirror

You're never fully dressed without a smile!

Every woman knows her look is incomplete without the perfect makeup and hair style. The unique SceneSetter technology takes a lighter, more portable form in this cosmetic mirror. With the same customizable settings to replicate outdoor, evening, and office light, you can see exactly how you'll look in almost any environment. These unique, useful mirrors can help you get ready for date night and special events or try out a new look for the office - or let your clients enjoy a new makeover, choose a special hairstyle for prom, weddings, and other special events, or pick the perfect lipstick shade - with the confidence that comes from knowing exactly what it will look like.

Cosmetic mirror example - wall
Cosmetic mirror example - tabletop

Turn "I don't know..." into "It's perfect! I love it!"
Ideal for upscale hotels, salons, retail makeup counters, and concierge hair stylists/makeup artists
or the everyday beautiful women

LED lighted SceneSetter mirror
These distinctive vanity mirrors feature:
  • Unique design that encourages people to view themselves in a whole new light by showing off their most flattering looks and makes getting ready for date night, planning a look for special events, or shopping for makeup, accessories, and hair products a less stressful, more satisfying experience
  • Adds a sense of luxury to your home or salon, and offers retail customers a more personalized shopping experience
  • Sturdy, anti-tip 12" x 14" aluminum frame is lightweight and plugs into any standard outlet making it ideal for personal consultations, on-site makeup/hair services, and sales presentations
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface is easy to use and lets customers or stylists adjust color temperature and intensity to their desired level (office - 4000K, evening - 3000K, outdoor - 5000K)
  • Can be placed on countertop or mounted on wall - includes external AC/DC power adapter
  • Non-magnified (what you see is what you get)
  • View detailed mirror dimensions

SceneSetter Lightweight Cosmetic Mirror - $429.29

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do I hardwire these mirrors into my fitting rooms?"
A. While all of the mirrors are pre-wired for plugging into an existing outlet, there is an access panel on the back that allows for hardwiring - this offers you a sleek, uncluttered look without cords and plugs showing, as pictured in the wall-mounted examples above. We STRONGLY recommend you hire a licensed electrician to perform the conversion, and please note that neither® nor the manufacturer assumes any liability for incorrectly wired installations.

Q. "What's the best way to clean these mirrors? Do I need any special cleaners?"
A. Nope! These mirrors can be cleaned with any standard glass cleaner and a soft rag - even over the touch-screen interface and lights.

Q. "How do I turn the mirror off?"
A. These unique mirrors do not have an "on/off" switch. However, because they are designed to mimic different ambient lighting situations, you can adjust the lighting to a lower setting - or simply unplug the mirror if you need it off. Note that if you hardwire the mirror, you won't be able to "unplug it" unless it is wired to a specific "on/off" wall switch that controls only the mirror.

Q. "Can I place one of these mirrors in my home?"
A. Yes! These beautiful mirrors are an excellent addition to any home, and their varying sizes will suit almost any space. Walk-in closets, boudoirs, personal dressing rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, the list of where you could use these is almost endless. The vanity mirror especially is a great gift for the lady in your life, or can be a great sales booster for those who sell cosmetics and hair products from home/through parties.

Q. "What do you mean by color temperature? Do these lights have colors like red, blue, yellow, etc. built in?"
A. When it comes to the lighting on these unique mirrors, color temperature refers more to the effects seen when dealing with heat - like the blue fire of a blowtorch versus the orange glow of a campfire - than to actual colors. For instance, we've all noticed that the fluorescent lighting in grocery stores and offices has a different, slightly more bluish "color" than a low-watt incandescent bulb with its distinctly golden-hued light. The manufacturers of the SceneSetter mirrors have designed them using the Kelvin heat scale to simulate different environments, changing from warmer to cooler lighting and back depending on the settings - so you can see how you'll look in the warm glow of candlelight, the bright lights of your conference room, or the natural daylight of the park.

Q. "What is a clear anodized finish?"
A. Anodizing is a process used on metal surfaces to increase the thickness of the surface oxide layer. This process results in a higher protection of the metal yet allows the natural beauty of the metal to shine through. Anodized finishes usually never chip, flake or peel.

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