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Swirlway Whirlpool Benefits

Pamper yourself in a relaxing Swirlway Whirlpool bath. After an exhausting day in a stress filled environment, a mellowing soak in a whirlpool bath can soothe your tired body and revive your mind.® is here to offer you a fabulous selection of Swirlway Whirlpool products.

Infusion Chromatherapy System

LED colors

Color affects our senses in many compelling ways, yet it's often taken for granted. Color is inescapable, embracing us with nourishing balance and healing properties and influencing the way we interpret life.

Swirlway® whirlpools harness the healing power of color with the Mansfield® Infusion Chromatherapy system. These systems feature the seven vital Chromatherapy colors and a full spectrum of sequencing modes.

Hydrotherapy Benefits


Hydrotherapy Benefits
The combination of soothing heat, rippling water and kneading massage provides the perfect recipe to lavish you with the ultimate hydromassage. The precise amount of water pressure increases circulation, energizes you and improves your overall sense of well-being. With the ability to adjust each individual jet in direction and flow, you are guaranteed the ultimate personalized hydromassage.

Soaking Benefits
We now know what the ancient Romans knew; hot water soaking is one of lifes greatest pleasures. Soaking in a bath of hot water rehydrates body cells to assimilate nutrients, heals and soothes the body, nourishes the spirit and helps induce sleep and relaxation.

A Powerful, Perfect Massage


Powerful Jets
The Swirlway® Dry-Jet is adjustable in both directions and flow. Simply turn the jet ring clockwise or counter-clockwise to increase or decrease the amount flow. Also, adjust the direction of the flow by moving the jet nozzle to pinpoint an exact area.

Perfect Massage
The Swirlway® Dry-Jet creates a broad, circular pattern of water and warm air. The warm air bubbles envelop the entire body for a deep venturi therapeutic massage.

Dry-Jet Venturi Technology


Not only does the Swirlway® Dry-Jet createa broad, circular pattern of warm water, but also allows virtually all water to be drained. For ultimate hygiene, the face of each jet snaps off for easy cleaning and care.

Hydro-V Back Jet and PowerPillow System


The Hydro-V backjet system features six or eight jets depending on the whirlpool option strategically placed to give the ultimate therapy for your back. Four to six jets cover the shoulder blades, upper and middle back muscles and the bottom two spinning jets give your lower back a much needed invigorating wave of direct hydrotherapy.

Features an exclusive ergonomic pillow specially designed to support your neck and back. Two jets installed in the center of the pillow are directed at the neck and soothe away aches and pains with a pulsating massage. To maintain perfect hygiene, the pillow is removable and each individual jet has a lycra (elastic fiber) cover that can be removed and cleaned. A separate three button control panel provides on/of, speed control and pulse modes.

Extreme Construction - Quiet Performance


Each Swirlway® whirlpool is created with high quality materials. The exclusive seven layer process provides the ultimate in durability and shine. The double hand-rolled insulation provides a smooth "no spike" exterior, and optimal heat retention.

Self-leveling ABS Base
Handcrafted ridged ABS drip pan is engineered for each unit. It strengthens and supports the base of bathing well, absorbs pump vibrations and reduces installation time.

Solid State In-Line Heater
Maintains water temperature at desired level and features a standard plug for easy electrical connection (120V 20 amp dedicated circuit required to power this heater).

Hand-formed Rigid Piping
Hand formed PVC piping follows the contour of the bath and provides the optimum in hydromassage and maximizes water drainability. The piping combines with Dry-Jets for the ultimate in hygiene.

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