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Strom Plumbing Products Listing

Strom Plumbing products - also known as Sign of the Crab - offers an impressive line of old-fashioned, clawfoot style products, such as reproduction clawfoot products, tubs, faucets, shower sets, repair kits, and useful, decorative accessories. Click here to see a beautiful array of faucets offered by this timeless manufacturer.

Sign of the Crab cross handles cross handles cross handles from Sign of the Crab
Cross Handles
Sign of the Crab lever handles lever handles lever handles from Sign of the Crab
Lever Handles
Sign of the Crab bathtub caddies bath tub caddies tub caddies from Sign of the Crab
Bathtub Caddies & Book Holders
Sign of the Crab soap holders soap holders soap holders from Sign of the Crab
Soap Holders
Sign of the Crab tub spouts tub spouts tub spouts from Sign of the Crab
Tub Spouts
Sign of the Crab toilet paper holder toilet paper holder  toilet paper holder toilet paper holder
Stylish Toilet Paper Holders
Sign of the Crab waste overflow w/ escutcheon
Drains and Tub Supplies
drains & supplies - deckmount couplers
Angle & Straight Stops
Deckmount couplers
Clawfoot Accessories
Sign of the Crab widespread lav parts kit
Plumbing Parts
Sign of the Crab tahoe tub
Tubs Listing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are the above cast iron tubs antique or reproductions?"
A. We only sell new, quality cast iron tubs. We do not offer used or "refinished" (painted with epoxy inside) tubs. These tubs have a real porcelain china glaze on the inside and they are brand new, similar to the tubs sold new 80 plus years ago.

Q. "I want to order one of your luxury clawfooted cast iron tubs. I'm sure it weighs a lot and am wondering if the delivery charge includes taking the tub up to my second floor?"
A. The delivery charge is to get your heavy cast iron clawfooted bath tub to your house, it does not include getting it into your house. Most trucking companies do not want to deal with moving the tub at all and will only deliver your cast iron tub to your curb. Your tub gets delivered by a trucking company such as Viking, Bestway, etc and they only deliver to your house. We are not aware of any Internet mail-order supplier that can deliver cast iron tubs any differently than that. All of the luxury cast iron clawfooted bathing tubs that we offer come very well crated.
Some trucking companies will call you before they deliver it and some will allow you to store your tub at their facility (most charge less than $10. per day but you should ask them before agreeing to the storage) until you are ready for it. If you decide to have the trucking company store your cast iron tub before delivery, then please do understand that damage to the tub becomes an issue between them and you.
We cannot guarantee which trucking company will deliver your tub as we ship throughout the U.S. and, unlike shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, or the post office, trucking tends to be more of a local situation.

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