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Sprinkler Pumps

by Zoeller Pump Company

Looking for an excellent irrigation pump to keep your sprinkler system running smoothly? Look no further than the Zoeller Sprinkler Pump brought to you by®. Keep your garden and your lawn from going thirsty, or transfer excess water away with this reliable little workhorse. To view our large selection of pumps, check here.

Pumps For Sprinkler Systems, Irrigation Systems and General Water Transfer

Zoeller - Sprinkler Pump Series
  • Fantastic sprinkler pump works well for irrigation systems, lawn sprinkler systems, gardens, and other general purpose water transfer pumping needs
  • Solid cast iron pump housing
  • Large reservoir makes pump self-priming after initial fill of pump housing
  • Models 330/331/332 use high impact molded plastic impeller
  • Model 333 comes standard with a brass impeller
  • Mechanical, carbon ceramic seal
  • Top suction
  • 3450 RPM motor with 115V or 230V (dual voltage)
  • 2" NPT suction and 1-1/2" NPT discharge
  • Single phase
  • Field wired (hardwired)
  • Mounting bracket
  • Double ball bearing motors designed for continuous operation
  • Non-automatic pump
  • Click here for sprinkler pump dimensional diagram
  • Click here for sprinkler pump performance curve

115V or 230V Dual Voltage Sprinkler Pumps

Model# Description HP Shut-off Price & Quantity
330 Sprinkler pump with high impact molded plastic impeller .75 97' $595.07
331 Sprinkler pump with high impact molded plastic impeller 1 110' $607.28
332 Sprinkler pump with high impact molded plastic impeller 1.5 112' $646.69
333 Sprinkler pump with durable brass impeller 2 122' $816.58

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does it mean by dual voltage?"
A. The pump is labeled as dual voltage because it includes the wires so that it can be connected to a 230V or 115V power source.

Q. "What's the advantage of having the pump hardwired?"
A. One of the reasons hardwiring is used is because long cords won't always deliver enough voltage to the motor.

Q. "What's the difference between an automatic and non-automatic pump?"
A. An automatic pump has a built in float switch that will turn on the pump automatically at a fixed water level. After the water is pumped out to certain water level (also a preset level), the pump will turn itself off. A non-automatic pump has to be manually turned on and off, or with a separate control like a piggyback float switch.

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