Deluxe Shower Heads
by Speakman

Speakman brand showerheads and hand-held showerheads are well-known for their wonderfully powerful sprays and how easy they are to keep clean from hard water spots and buildup. You'll find these amazing showerheads in hotels all around the world because of their renowned quality and spraying technology. (Many of those who've experienced a Speakman showerhead while staying in a hotel come to us, looking for one of their own!) Speakman not only makes showerheads, but also institutional showers, and emergency showers. Speakman is a very well-respected company with both a reputation and an expectation of finely-manufactured products, and these showerheads are no exception.

Speakman Euro 6-Jet Shower Head

The exceptional, exotic design of the Euro Shower Head beautifully complements it's performance. Six scale-resistant Lexan plungers emit 48 separate streams for a refreshing full-body coverage. In the center of the showerhead, you'll find a ring of massage jets that deliver nine pulsating massage spray streams to relax tense muscles and soothe your weary bones. Combine both the standard and massage sprays for a completely invigorating showering experience, and melt away your sleepy mornings or tough workdays.

Please note: Due to low-flow restrictions, these shower heads cannot be shipped to California, Colorado, or New York.
Speakman VS-2620 image
The S-2620 shower head features:
  • Sensational showerhead with a center core nozzle that delivers nine wonderful massaging jets
  • Quality showerhead provides 48 spray streams for a full body coverage pattern
  • A modern combination spray is included
  • Comes with a superb 4" outer spray adjustment ring
  • Your choice of white or polished brass finish
  • Self-cleaning Lexan plungers resist scale build-up
  • Comes with a nice brass ball swivel joint
  • Pressure compensating AUTOFLO® device reduces flow to 2.5 gpm
  • View this showerheads spray patterns
This shower head is limited to stock - get yours while supplies last!
Euro 6-Jet Shower Head Polished Brass - $20.00
Euro 6-Jet Shower Head White - $15.00
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