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Luxury Slide Bar Hand Shower Kits

Build your custom slide bar handshower kit in our most popular styles in just a few easy steps
Add a unique and attractive element to your home with a beautiful, luxury hand shower kit. These slide bar handshower kits come complete with handshower, hose, and wall bar that lets you adjust the height of the shower - perfect for families or roommates! With many gorgeous styles and finishes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect addition to your shower. Use your existing shower arm or matching finish water supply elbows, offered below.

Step 1: Choose your handshower

click any image below to learn more about that handshower - the information will open on a new page
The handshowers on this page are compliant with California Energy Commission low-flow regulations
Due to low flow regulations, these handheld shower heads cannot be shipped to customers in Colorado.
Cubix Shower Wand
Cylindrica 5 Power Shower
Frescia Misting Handshower
Maya Rain Handshower
Sunburst Rain Handshower
Waterfall Shower Wand
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Didn't see a handshower you love? Browse our complete selection of Jaclo handshowers to find the perfect one for your family, then head back here to choose the rest of your kit components

Step 2: Choose your wall bar

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Classic 24" Wallbar
Arc 30" Wallbar
Retro Cross 24" Wallbar
Retro Lever 24" Wallbar
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Step 3: Choose your water supply elbow

click any image below to learn more about that supply elbow - the information will open on a new page
Round Water Supply Elbow
90° Water Supply Elbow
Traditional Supply Elbow
Contemporary Supply Elbow
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Step 4: Choose your hose

click any image below to learn more about that supply elbow - the information will open on a new page
Double Spiral - 60" Length
Double Spiral - 79" Length
Double Swivel - 60" Length
Double Swivel - 79" Length
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More Finish-Matching & Style-Matching Products by Jaclo

Available Finishes

Please note: Not all products available in all finishes. Examples below are representational only and may differ depending on monitor settings.

Antique brass finish exampleAntique Brass
Antique copper finish exampleAntique Copper
Black nickel finish exampleBlack Nickel
Bronze umber finish exampleBronze Umber
Caramel Bronze finish exampleCaramel Bronze
Europa bronze finish exampleEuropa Bronze
Matte black finish exampleMatte Black
Oil rubbed bronze finish exampleOil Rubbed Bronze
Pewter finish examplePewter
Polished brass finish examplePolished Brass
Polished chrome finish examplePolished Chrome
Polished copper finish examplePolished Copper
Polished gold finish examplePolished Gold
Polished nickel finish examplePolished Nickel
Rose Gold finish exampleRose Gold
Satin brass finish exampleSatin Brass
Satin chrome finish exampleSatin Chrome
Satin gold finish exampleSatin Gold
Satin nickel finish exampleSatin Nickel
Sedona Beige finish exampleSedona Beige
Tristan brass finish exampleTristan Brass
Vintage bronze finish exampleVintage Bronze
White finish exampleWhite

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I sometimes need support when getting in and out of the shower. Will these slide bars work as grab bars too?"
A. In a word, no. These slide bars are designed only to support the hand showers, rather like shower arms are designed to hold showerheads. These slide bars are not ADA compliant and should never be used as a grab bar for support. However, we do offer grab bar hand shower kits that are designed for support, as well as a myriad of grab bars in styles and finishes to match the items above.

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