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Shower Spas

Redecorate. Rejuvenate. Re-think the way you shower.

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For a spa-like feeling in your own home, a unique, elegant shower system, brought to you by®, is like having a spa in the privacy of your shower! Choose from several exceptional shower spa styles - all with many fantastic features - and make your shower an experience you'll enjoy.
Mojave shower spa
Makena II shower spa

Kihei II shower spa
Lanikai 3 function shower spa

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These shower spa panels offer you a wide variety of options, allowing you to select one that meets your individual preferences. Showerheads and jets range from a light mist to a spiraling stream. All come with handheld showerheads that ladies enjoy for shaving their legs or rinsing out conditioner. Some models include a stationary bar allowing you to adjust the handheld shower head to an exact height -- great for children! And everybody likes the units with built-in shelves for storing shampoos and other bath accessories.

Mojave Hammered Copper Showerspa

Mojave Southwest-inspired shower spa with hammered copper panel
This rustic shower spa features:
  • Rustic look adds Old World charm to your traditional décor
  • Beautiful hammered copper panel with sturdy, yet lightweight anodized aluminum frame
  • Copper will naturally patina over time and is has natural anti-microbial properties that make it ideal for shower areas
  • All brass, oil-rubbed bronze finish components are easy to clean
  • Brass pressure balance valve with drip-free ceramic cartridge controls volume and temperature to help reduce the risk of scalding
  • 6" rain-style shower head and multi-function hand shower with flexible hose
  • 4 adjustable dual head body jets with rub clean nibs provide you with an invigorating all-over shower
  • Convenient glass shelf for holding shower products
  • 3-way diverter so you can quickly and easily switch between shower head, handshower, and body jets
  • Includes flexible stainless steel supply hoses - 1/2" stub out required for proper installation
  • View detailed Mojave shower spa dimensions

Hammered Copper Mojave Shower with Oil-Rub Bronze Fixtures = $1,646.25

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Makena II Showerspa

Makena II shower spa with black panel
This classic shower spa features:
  • Timeless style meets modern function to create harmony in your shower
  • Classic black tempered glass panel suits a variety of color schemes and its rectangular shape will fit almost anywhere
  • 8" rain-style shower head (2.5 gpm) has an ultra-thin profile for a contemporary look and is mounted to a unique side-to-side pivoting brass shower arm so you can adjust the shower position
  • Wand-style single function hand shower with flexible, stretchy (from 59-78") stainless steel hose
  • 8 dual function (stream or mist) Select-A-Jet body jets that allow you to selectively turn off all but the top two jets so you can increase pressure to just the right areas
  • Integrated tub spout perfect for those who want an all-in-one tub/shower solution
  • Durable brass pressure balance valve adjusts temperature and water volume to help prevent scalding
  • Convenient glass shelf with brass railing to hold shower products
  • 4-way diverter so you can quickly and easily switch between shower head, handshower, body jets, and tub spout
  • Includes flexible stainless steel supply hoses - 1/2" stub out required for proper installation
  • View detailed Makena II shower spa dimensions

Makena II Showerspa - Black Panel with Chrome Fixtures = $561.75

Adjustable 28" Slide Bar with Built-In Soap Dish for Handshower Mounting - Chrome = $74.25

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Kihei II Showerspa with Built-In Mirror

Kihei II shower spa with silver glass panel and integrated mirror
This mirrored shower spa features:
  • Versatile metallic silver tempered glass panel coordinates with a variety of shower design styles and existing fixtures
  • Sleek form with built-in mirror for shaving or checking to make sure you got all the shampoo out of your hair
  • 8" rainshower with adjustable height brass shower arm so every member of the family gets a great shower
  • Multi-function handshower with adjustable slide bar mounting system and stretchy (59" - 79") stainless steel hose
  • 6 dual function (stream or mist) Select-A-Jet body jets
  • 4-way brass diverter easily selects any component, or may be positioned between functions for further enjoyment
  • Brass pressure balance mixing valve with ceramic cartridge for smooth turning with less leaks
  • Glass shelf built-in to reduce clutter and keep shower products within easy reach
  • Includes flexible stainless steel supply hoses - 1/2" stub out required for proper installation
  • View detailed Kihei II shower spa dimensions

Kihei II Showerspa with Built-In Mirror - Silver with Chrome Fixtures = $498.75

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Lanikai 3-Function Shower System

Lanikai 3-function shower with body sprays
This 3-Functon shower spa features:
  • Replace your existing shower head and arm with this fantastic assortment of delightful shower enhancements
  • No need to replace your hot and cold mixing valve
  • 8" rain style shower head attaches to an ingenious, side to side pivoting, brass shower arm with a 3" height adjustment so everyone enjoys a terrific shower
  • Multi-function handshower has three spray patterns; calming cascade, power spray, or pulsating massage
  • Simple to adjust handset shower height; depress button on shower bar holder and slide up or down
  • Includes 59" stainless steel hose
  • 3 body jets have dual functions (mist or stream) with
  • Body jet spray angles can be changed by pushing the jet right, left or up and down
  • 3-way brass diverter valve easily selects any component and will click into place at each function
  • Mounting hardware included, no drilling necessary for most showers
  • Mixing valve required (not included) for new construction installations
  • All components chrome finished
  • View detailed Lanikai shower spa dimensions

Lanikai 3-Function Shower System - Chrome = $261.75
Lanikai 3-Function Shower System - Brushed Nickel = $299.25

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does pressure balanced mean? What about thermostatic?"
A. A pressure balanced valve provides constant water pressure to a shower to prevent fluctuations in water temperature. Thermostatic valves are similar, but use a different mechanism to maintain water temperatures (only as long as your hot water supply lasts).

Q. "I have hard water; will this affect my shower spa?"
A. Most of the Showerspa jets have flexible rubber tips which help make removing mineral build-up simple. The manufacturer also recommends wiping down the shower spa with a soft cloth after each use to avoid spotting from hard water deposits. You can clean your shower spa with a mild soap and water. To help keep your new shower spa clean, the manufacturer suggests applying a coat of wax like Gel Gloss or auto spray wax 3 or 4 times per year.

Q. "Do I have to have a plumber install my new shower spa?"
A. Experienced handy persons or do-it-yourselfers could install several of the models above without professional assistance. However, it is recommended you hire a licensed plumber for any plumbing-related job you don't feel 100% confident taking on yourself. As always, be sure to check with authorities for local plumbing code or permit requirements prior to beginning.

Q. "Is installation hardware included with the shower spa?"
A. Yes. All the hardware for a typical shower spa installation is included with your purchase. Note, however, that special situations may require additional hardware or additional plumbing fittings to complete the installation.

Q. "Can I use one of these shower spas if I have low water pressure?"
A. That depends. For best performance, the manufacturer recommends water pressure of 45psi or above. The shower spas will function with a lower pressure, but performance may be affected. If you're concerned, we recommend trying to determine your average water pressure before purchasing. Often people "feel" like their water pressure is lower than it actually is.

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