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Sand & Sediment Interceptors

by Zurn

Intercept unwanted sediment, sand and gravel and keep it from blocking your drain lines with a durable interceptor, brought to you by®. We offer several sizes and flow rates, so the solution to your draining needs can be found here.

Extra Large Sand & Sediment Interceptors

These Interceptors are great for commercial and industrial applications such as: maintenance garages, auto shops, airport hangars, laundries and cleaning establishments, parking facilities, machine shops, refineries.

These sand and sediment interceptors are designed to separate and retain sand, gravel and similar materials, in addition to any oil, grease, gas or diesel fuel-laden waste material. This is accomplished through the principle of gravity and flotation separation. The separator's eight chambers, with varying passage elevations, trap virtually all solids which separate from water under gravity conditions. Larger and heavier materials are retained in the first compartment, while smaller and lighter materials are trapped in other compartments. Oil, grease and similar materials will be retained at the surface of some or all eight compartments. Any gaseous fumes will be collected between the top of the water and the bottom of the cover and vented through the 4 individual 2" threaded vent connections. These sand / sediment interceptors are constructed of fabricated steel and have an acid resistant coat for durability.

Engineering Specifications: Acid resistant coated steel sand and sediment separator, 4" threaded inlet and outlet, four 2" threaded individual vent connections, complete with heavy duty scoriated non-skid gasketed removable cover(s).

Model # Capacity
(Cubic Ft)
"F" Dimension
Approx. Weight
Price & Quantity
Z1187-300 43 60" 1600 $16,336.93 Enter a quantity and
Z1187-400 54 72" 1750 $23,157.43 Enter a quantity and
Due to weight and size these units will ship by truck (freight company), which is an included feature of the product and incurs no additional charge. Please note: These items cannot ship via 2nd Day Shipping or US Mail.

Large Sand Interceptor

These sand interceptors feature: an acid resistant coat on the interior and exterior, fabricated steel construction for durability, threaded inlet and outlet complete with removable heavy-duty grates. Please note that location of outlet from bottom of interceptor cannot be changed.

Model # Flow Rate
Pipe Size
(Sch. 40)
Static Capacity
Approx. Wt.
# of Grates
(12" x 24")
Price & Quantity
Z1187-SI-20 20 4" 60 133 2 $6,284.59 Enter a quantity and
Z1187-SI-50 50 4" 120 204 4 $9,463.89 Enter a quantity and
Z1187-SI-150 150 4" 360 150 8 $26,204.61 Enter a quantity and
Z1187-SI-250 250 6" 540 250 12 $27,436.81 Enter a quantity and
Due to weight and size these units will ship by truck (freight company), which is an included feature of the product and incurs no additional charge. Please note: These items cannot ship via 2nd Day Shipping or US Mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What are the maintenance requirements for the Z1187 sand and sediment separators?"
A. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis, either before or after baffle openings are clogged. Remove the covers and skim off any oil or grease accumulation, then, using a mechanical pumping system, pump out all eight compartments of water and accumulated solids. Make sure that all vents are free of debris to allow gases and odors to exit from the unit. Make certain cover gasket is intact and clean. Apply a light coating of oil on the cover gasket, which helps prevent the cover gasket from adhering to cover and aids in maintaining a complete seal. The covers should then be placed back on the unit and secured. Efficiency of operation is directly related to the level of maintenance.

Q. "What does static capacity mean?"
A. Static capacity is the actual liquid capacity the unit will hold.

Q. "I noticed these units are priced very high. Is there any particular reason?"
A. While these units may seem to be priced on the high side, we must consider the research and development, engineering time, and material cost associated with designing and building one of these state-of-the-art sand and sediment interceptors. The interceptors are constructed of 100% steel, coated with a blue acid resistant epoxy. Because of this high quality construction, you can rest assured that they will stand the test of time. Not only are they built to last, these interceptors can lessen the impact on the environment by helping prevent sand and sediment from entering our municipal waste facilities.

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