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Restaurant Beverage Tables
by Aero Manufacturing

Proudly made in the USA

Nothing turns a one-time customer into a repeat customer like good service - and what better way to keep customers happy than by keeping them supplied with fresh beverages? Serve up piping hot coffee, super cold smoothies, freshly squeezed juice, or good ol' water from these durable stainless steel beverage tables. With a built-in sink and undercounter shelves for extra storage, these tables are a great way to maximize your space while keeping your kitchen running smoothly. The built-in GFI outlet helps protect against shock, while the no-drip countertop edges help prevent spills and consequent slips or falls - helping to keep your workers safe while promoting greater efficiency and better service.

Restaurant Beverage Tables

They say necessity is the mother of invention - and these high quality stainless steel beverage tables are the perfect invention for anywhere you need a quick, easy way to serve beverages. From large restaurants and buffet-style cafeterias to small diners and cafés, coffee kiosks, employee break rooms, and more, the only limitation to how you use these versatile tables is your imagination. With a built-in sink, grounding outlet, and undercounter shelves, these tables are truly a comprehensive solution to a range of food service challenges.

Restuarant Beverage Table
Representational only - faucet, coffee maker, cups, etc. not included

  • Perfect for large restaurants and buffet-style cafeterias to small diners and cafés, coffee kiosks, or employee break rooms
  • Efficient design specifically engineered to make beverage service easier with fewer spills and less mess
  • Durable 18 gauge 430 stainless steel shelving, enclosure, and doors stand up to heavy daily use
  • Easy to clean and maintain 14 gauge 304 stainless steel top is polished to a stylish satin finish
  • Adjustable, impact resistant metal feet help table remain level on uneven surfaces to help prevent spills
  • 16"W x 21"L x 14" deep sink bowl welded into top for easy clean-up and rinsing of cups or dishes
  • Urn trough with stainless steel grate to help keep countertop clear of liquids
  • No-drip "V" countertop edge on three sides helps keep liquids from running onto the floor and causing slips or falls - and helps keep your kitchen cleaner!
  • Built-in GFI outlet helps keep workers safe from shock
  • Undercounter shelves offer extra storage and easy access to cups, napkins, baskets of creamer, etc.
  • Front hinge door under sink makes installing/accessing the plumbing super easy
  • View detailed beverage table dimensions

Model Length Price & Quantity
BVT-48 48" $2,630.28
BVT-60 60" $2,773.75
BVT-72 72" $2,981.37
BVT-84 84" $3,435.82
BVT-96 96" $3,631.81

Due to size/weight and to ensure safe delivery, certain items ship by truck and have a $175 additional shipping fee per freight item.
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Backsplash Mount Faucets

These backsplash mount faucets feature:
  • Constructed from high quality stainless steel and built to withstand commercial use
  • Swing spout is available in a multitude of lengths to fit your needs
  • Gooseneck spout can be installed as a rigid spout, or the restrictor ring can be removed changing the faucet to a swivel spout
  • Swiveling seat disks pivot on the stems to remove the twisting of the seats and provides longer stem life
  • 4" centers with your choice of lever handles or wrist blade handles for quick, no-hands faucet operation
  • Includes 1/2" concentric adapters for easy installation on a backsplash sink
  • Great for use in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, resort kitchens, cruise ships, and other commercial applications where you require a durable, well-made faucet
  • View swing spout faucet specifications -- View gooseneck faucet specifications

Description Lever Handles Wrist Blade Handles
Backsplash Faucet with 6" Swing Spout $199.87 $230.34
Backsplash Faucet with 8" Swing Spout $200.60 $230.74
Backsplash Faucet with 6" Swivel/Rigid Gooseneck Spout $206.51 $235.70

Some Fisher products have a lead-time to ship of 4-5 business days.
If time is a factor, please contact us prior to ordering.

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