Prose, Thoughts and Poetry

written by our Founder - Vic

Savor THIS moment
for it is (already) in the past.
Locked away and
reachable at any time.
THIS moment will never
be the same.
Savor it
for we all will soon
be nothing but memories

Vic in Costa Rica 2002 Corcovado National Park
Vic, our Founder in Costa Rica 2002

The palm tree stands
flexing in the wind.
Asking little
and waiting
for its' young,
to blossom and then run,
with hopes of becoming....

"The palm tree stands
flexing in the wind".......

and so on and so on and so on and so on and....

Waves everlasting.....
waves both big and small,
none are exactly the same,
none will ever come again.

This is our
made into a
Upon a foundation
of sand.
Quickly built,
and Quickly gone.
Quickly forever.

she bashes
he thrashes
both loudly
and proudly
but only once
a year.

Blank empty mind?
"See a shrink!"
"Get counseling!"
"Fill your mind" (with what?) that you can "LEARN" to have
a blank empty mind.

The butterflies
and Mars
Ups and downs
outside and in
good days and bad
judging and not.
Love has to be there
the butterflies die.

Waves they keep coming...
They wash over us,
cleanse us,
hit us,
move us,
fascinate us,
and control and consume us.
They draw us near,
and nearer
and then.....
when we get closer....
we see how underneath these mysterious and powerful waves,
there is yet another world.
And so it all continues...waves everlasting.

When the floating butterflies
judge wrongly
they can hurt themselves
by banging into walls.

We have a job
we were born with.
It's called eating
and excreting.
It's truly our "job."
The rest might be extraneous mutterings.

Dreaming of retiring!
ooohhhh yeah!!!!
Free at last!
No more work!
No more responsibility!
Free to
golf and snorkel
and then
oh oh

Born again
out of imagination
Many with anger
ebb and tide!
Pretending that it
isn't and yet it will continue
until we/they let go....
and stop trying to
be born again.

Responsibility is good!!!!!!............Isn't it??????

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