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Pedestal Towel Racks

by Elements of Design

Example of pedestal towel rack® is your source for quality products in some of today's most popular finishes. Elements of Design has an excellent selection of products for both the bath and kitchen. They add the perfect finishing touch to your new bath and/or kitchen construction or remodel! Click here for Elements of Design's impressive selection of products.

pedestal towel holder#DS2021
pedestal towel rack# DS2271

pedestal towel rack#DS2288
pedestal towel rack#DS2298

Model # Finish Price & Quantity
Pedestal Towel Holder w/ 3 Bars (Click here for dimensions)
DS2021 Chrome (shown) $162.41
DS2025 Dark Bronze $193.09
DS2028 Satin Nickel $192.99
Pedestal Round Plate Towel Rack (Click here for dimensions)
DS2271 Chrome (shown) $265.25
DS2272 Polished Brass PVD $359.60
DS2275 Dark Bronze $360.66
DS2278 Satin Nickel $359.99
Pedestal Y-Type Towel Rack (Click here for dimensions)
DS2281 Chrome $267.34
DS2282 Polished Brass PVD $359.63
DS2285 Dark Bronze $358.86
DS2288 Satin Nickel (shown) $359.00
Pedestal Towel Rack
DS2291 Chrome $267.95
DS2292 Polished Brass PVD $360.89
DS2295 Dark Bronze $359.47
DS2298 Satin Nickel (shown) $359.63

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