Old Fashioned Style Toilets

The classic looks of the Victorian-style, high-tank toilet is the latest feature in today's bath remodels and new bath construction. Combining the vintage look of yesteryear with today's water saving flush capabilities, these high tank toilets are pleasing to the eye as well as the water bill! For those that want the old-fashioned look for their bathroom, PlumbingSupply.com® is your source for high-tank, old-fashioned toilets.

Please note: State plumbing requirements vary; please be familiar with laws and plumbing codes for your State as we cannot be held responsible for products that do not meet your State's regulations.

Cheviot High Tank Water Closet - #158

High tank water closet - 158
  • Antique style toilet with quality construction
  • 1.6 Gallons per flush
  • Round front
  • Available w/brass or chrome trim
  • Includes supply valve and wall escutcheon
  • View dimensions here
  • Toilet seat sold separately

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, these High Tank Toilets are Temporily Unavailable.

With any brand or model of toilet seat:
Always make sure to keep the mounting bolts to the toilet tight.
If a toilet seat is wobbling at all do not use it until that is fixed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Will this toilet meet my town's high efficiency toilet laws?"
A. While we do make an effort to be aware of upcoming plumbing-related legislation, we simply cannot keep up with all the plumbing-related legislation for all municipalities. As part of the selection process for new fixtures, we highly recommend contacting your local code enforcement agencies for the latest plumbing fixture requirements. This will help you select the correct fixtures for your home or business, and will also help avoid nasty surprises should your project require a permit or inspection. If working with a plumber, confirm he or she is well aware of current legislation in your area, too.

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