Intimite Collection Triple Vanity Mirror

by Miroir Brot

There isn't a finer mirror available for your vanity or bath than a mirror from Miroir Brot. Utilizing the finest glass, exacting detail, and inimitable French style, Miroir Brot has been making the highest quality bathroom and vanity mirrors in the world since 1826. This impressive model boasts three 9-1/2" diameter mirrors mounted atop an attractive glass base with your choice of designer finishes for the trim and casing. A pair of standard lenses flank a central magnifying lens (3x optical or 7x optical) with halo lighting designed specifically to mimic daylight, ensuring a perfect view. Measuring 30" wide and 15-1/2" high when fully opened, the side mirrors easily fold to the back to save space.
Luxurious triple vanity mirror with halo lighting and glass base
Magnifying mirrors, electric power cord with included on/off switch
Please note: These triple vanity mirrors ship from France and currently have a 3-4 week lead time from date of order.
3x Optical Magnification
7x Optical Magnification
Replacement Incandescent Bulb for Discontinued Spot Light Mirrors made after 1995 to present - $19.69
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does "Optical" stand for?"
A. "Optical" stands for optical lenses. These high quality, distortion-free magnification lenses are an optician's lens that has been silvered and hand ground to further enhance its magnification quality. The result is a distortion-free image of unparalleled sharpness that is especially beneficial to those who have vision issues. Optical lenses offer a slight amount of vision correction, affording the viewer more clarity and therefore a greater opportunity to apply makeup without wearing glasses. Viewers without vision issues will simply notice a greater clarity than an equivalent magnified non-optical lens. Please note, optical lens mirrors do require the viewer to be a bit closer to the mirror than an equivalent magnified non-optical lens.

Q. "What is the advantage of selecting 'optical glass'?"
A. The lenses of optical glass mirrors are made from the same material that's used to manufacture high quality telescope and camera lenses. The lens is precision-ground and hand-lapped, providing an undistorted reflection of unequaled clarity.

Q. "How is the magnification effect achieved?"
A. In their standard (non-optical) mirrors, the manufacturer uses very thin 3 mm convex-shaped (balloon-shaped) glass in their 3x and 5x models, which distorts and magnifies the image as needed depending upon the curve of the glass. In their optical mirrors, the manufacturer's 3x and 7x lenses are crafted with even thicker glass (10mm or 12mm, depending upon the diameter of the mirror and its magnification power), which is machined to obtain a plain convex lens in order to obtain the best reflected image possible with no distortion.

Q. "What do you mean when you say a mirror is "distortion free"?"
A. We choose to offer the finest quality of mirrors; from the economy line, to the affordable, to the ultimate highest quality glass mirrors available. The higher quality glass mirrors will have very little to no distortion when the user is in front of the mirror and using it. However, because of the nature of the glass and the way these mirrors are made, distortion of the user's image will be apparent the farther away the user is from the mirror. For example, even when using the finest mirror, the user's image will be somewhat indistinct when more than 2-3 feet away from the mirror. This is because these mirrors are designed for up-close use, to provide the ultimate quality reflection for applying makeup or shaving.

Q. "How do I know which magnification I should choose for my mirror?"
A. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a magnified mirror, such as the user's vision. Some may find if their vision is "less than perfect" they may require a stronger magnification, while others may be better suited with a lower magnification. In general, most people find a 3x magnification sufficient.

Q. "What can I expect when I receive my magnified mirror?"
A. Magnified mirrors are made using convex-shaped glass, which distorts and magnifies the image as needed depending on the strength of the magnification. For this reason, the mirror must be brought close to the user's face in order to obtain a focused reflection. Typically the user's face should be within a foot of the mirror. The more distance between the user and the mirror, the more the image will be distorted and indistinct. Likewise, the stronger the magnification of the mirror, more distortion will occur the farther away the user is from the mirror.

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