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Clawfoot Slipper Tub

This 5 1/2 foot long beauty is our Founder's personal favorite tub.

The Tahoe 5-1/2 foot Super - Slipper Cast Iron Bath Tub

large slipper tubsshown with 7" drilled faucet holes and white tub legs

Tahoe Slipper Tub
with 7" drilled faucet holes

Model Finish Price & Quantity
P0704W WHITE tub legs $2,250.72
P0704C CHROME tub legs $2,475.29
P0704N POLISHED NICKEL tub legs $2,475.33
P0704M MATTE NICKEL tub legs $2,475.37
P0704S POLISHED BRASS tub legs $2,475.41
Due to weight and to ensure safe delivery, these items ship by truck at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you!
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Tahoe Slipper Tub
with NO faucet holes

Model Finish Price & Quantity
P0705W WHITE tub legs $2,250.37
P0705C CHROME tub legs $2,475.57
P0705N POLISHED NICKEL tub legs $2,475.27
P0705M MATTE NICKEL tub legs $2,475.19
P0705S POLISHED BRASS tub legs $2,475.46
Due to weight and to ensure safe delivery, these items ship by truck at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you!
Please select your type of address: Commercial -or- Residential

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  • This 5½ foot cast iron tub has the best inside porcelain finish on the market today.
  • The spacious inside dimensions provide a superior level of comfort.
  • Tubs are drilled for Sign of the Crab's standard waste & overflow drain assembly.
  • A choice of drilled with faucet holes for a deck mount faucet with 7" centers (Model P0704W) or not (no drill - Model P0705W).
  • Four cast iron clawfoot tub legs are included with this tub.
  • Outside of tubs are sanded smooth and painted white. (Prepared for further painting as well)
  • Weighs approx. 400 lbs.


Dimensions Measurement
Gallon Capacity 65 gal.
Overall Length 66½"
Overall Width 30"
Top of Rim to Floor 21¾"
Height of Lip 1½"
Width of Lip 3"
Center of Drain to Center of Tee 7"
Drain to Overflow 14"
Drain Diameter 1¾"
Faucet Drilling 7"
Bottom of Tub to Floor 5½"
Base of Faucet to Floor 21¾
Height of Waste & Overflow to Floor 18¾"
Faucet Hole Diameter 1¼"
Overflow Hole Diameter 2"
Height of High Side to Floor 27¾"
Height of Middle to Floor 22¼"

Sign of the Crab Faucets

Royal Aqueduct Standing Waste

This is the only true reproduction for leg tub faucetry done in this century. All parts are solid brass and great care was taken in the design and manufacture of this product. It incorporates the overflow into a lift and turn waste, that was unique to the late 1800's. It provides the installer with options for centers, bracing, height and drain size. All parts are solid brass, forged to today's standards. Every set includes parts to: attach the set to the tub or wall, increase the height to 33", and adapt to either 1-1/2" or 2" drains.

sign of the crab royal aqueduct standing waste

Royal Aqueduct Standing Waste - 11" Spread

Model # Finish Price & Quantity
P0699C Chrome $2,696.32
P0699N Polished Nickel $2,696.46
P0699S Supercoat Polished Brass $2,696.87
P0699M Matte Nickel $2,865.41

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Deck Mount Enclosures

sign of the crab deck mount enclosures

The P0729 is the deck mount enclosure like the S0403 enclosure with adjustable centers from 3-3/8" to 9".


Model # Finish Price & Quantity
P0729C Chrome $1,011.26
P0729S Supercoat Brass $1,011.62
P0729N Polished Nickel $1,011.03
P0729M Matte Nickel $1,162.59

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The P0730 is the deck mount enclosure like the P0168 enclosure with 7" centers.


Model # Finish Price & Quantity
P0730C Chrome $1,222.53
P0730S Supercoat Brass $1,222.96
P0730N Polished Nickel $1,222.57
P0730M Matte Nickel $1,348.56

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Supplies for Deck Mount Tub Faucets

Model # Description Finish Price & Quantity
P0675C Straight supplies Chrome $157.44
P0675S Polished Brass $157.65

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Extended Waste Overflow Drains for Clawfoot Tubs

photos of waste overflow drains for clawfoot tubs
  • Waste/Overflow with chain and stopper
  • Fits most leg tubs manufactured from 1900 and later
  • 1-3/8" Tubing
  • Dimensions:
    • Drain tube: 11-3/8"
    • Overflow tube: 18"
    • Floor escutcheon: 2-1/2" diameter
    • Overflow and drain flange: 3" diameter

Model # Finish Price & Quantity
P0007EN Polished Nickel $232.63
P0007EM Matte Nickel $268.38

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I want to order one of your luxury clawfooted cast iron tubs. I'm sure it weighs a lot and am wondering if the delivery charge includes taking the tub up to my second floor?"
A. The delivery charge is to get your heavy cast iron clawfooted bath tub to your house, it does not include getting it into your house. Most trucking companies do not want to deal with moving the tub at all and will only deliver your cast iron tub to your curb. Your tub gets delivered by a trucking company such as Viking, Bestway, etc and they only deliver to your house. We are not aware of any Internet mail-order supplier that can deliver cast iron tubs any differently than that. All of the luxury cast iron clawfooted bathing tubs that we offer come very well crated.

Some trucking companies will call you before they deliver it and some will allow you to store your tub at their facility (most charge less than $10. per day but you should ask them before agreeing to the storage) until you are ready for it. If you decide to have the trucking company store your cast iron tub before delivery, then please do understand that damage to the tub becomes an issue between them and you.

We cannot guarantee which trucking company will deliver your tub as we ship throughout the U.S. and unlike shipment via common carriers (such as regular FedEx, UPS, or the post office), trucking tends to be more of a local situation.

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