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Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heaters
by Stiebel Eltron

If you need a space-saving, reliable, whole-house tankless water heater, you've come to the right place.® is pleased to offer the Stiebel Eltron line of electric tankless water heaters - a proven line of dependable, technologically advanced heaters that are built to last. Tankless water heating is here to stay, and continues to gain popularity as more people learn of the great benefits of on demand water heating. We are your source for tankless water heaters and thousands of other plumbing-related products.

Tempra® Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heater

These whole house electric tankless water heaters feature:
  • Ideal for homes, condos, apartments, and various commercial uses.
  • Unlimited Supply of Hot Water - Keeps heating water instantly, as you require it. The Tempra® Plus system completely replaces a conventional tank heater with no disruption to your comfort and hot water needs.
  • Saves Energy and Reduces Your Electric Bill - Electric tank type water heaters are subject to stand-by losses which amount to 15 - 20% of the kWH used. Changing to a tankless system results in savings of 15 - 20%.
  • Sleek Design Saves Space - The Tempra® Plus takes up considerably less space than conventional tank type water tanks and saves valuable living space.
  • Control Temperature Simply by Setting a Dial - Set the knob on the front cover and enjoy water temperatures between 86°F (30°C) and 125°F (52°C). Change the desired temperature at anytime. Advanced microprocessor technology ensures that the water temperature never deviates from the set point.
  • Seismic Proof Construction - The Tempra® Plus is a tankless water heater system, and is thereby not subject to seismic code. There is no need for preventative construction, as required when using a tank type water heater.
  • Superior, Reliable Performance - The Tempra® Plus has several temperature and flow sensors which feed their readings into the unit's proprietary microprocessor control. Heating elements are engaged in stages, achieving the temperature you desire. The Tempra® Plus continually monitors the water temperature it produces.
  • Advanced Flow Control™ - The Tempra® Plus Plus models include the Advanced Flow Control™ to help ensure a constant temperature output no matter how large of a demand. The Advanced Flow Control™ works by automatically adjusting the flow of water to make sure the required hot water output is always met while eliminating unpleasant temperature fluctuations.

208/240V - Large Capacity Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Model # Voltage Wattage Amperage Min. Wire Size Weight Price & Quantity
Tempra® 12 Plus 240v/208v 12kW/9kW 50A/44A 2 AWG 13.5 lbs $529.49 Enter a quantity and
Tempra® 15 Plus 240v/208v 14.4kW/10.8kW 2x30A/2x26A 2 AWG 15.1 lbs $642.85 Enter a quantity and

208/240V - Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Model # Voltage Wattage Amperage Min. Wire Size Weight Price & Quantity
Tempra® 20 Plus 240v/208v 19.2kW/14.4kW 2x40A/2x35A 2 AWG 16.1 lbs $689.56 Enter a quantity and
Tempra® 24 Plus 240v/208v 24kW/18kW 2x50A/2x44A 2 AWG 16.1 lbs $739.14 Enter a quantity and
Tempra® 29 Plus 240v/208v 28.8kW/21.6kW 3x40A/3x35A 2 AWG 19 lbs $769.31 Enter a quantity and
Tempra® 36 Plus 240v/208v 36kW/27kW 3x50A/3x44A 2 AWG 19 lbs $809.88 Enter a quantity and

Keepalloy® Forged Brass Ball Valves
For Potable Drinking Water

3/4inch ball valve FIP
Kitz Keepalloy® Ball Valves Feature:
  • 2014 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act compliant
  • Full Port and Vented Ball
  • Two piece body with blowout proof stem
  • Maintenance free double o-ring stem seals
  • 600 PSI cold working pressure
  • 150 PSI to 366° F. hot working pressure
  • View ball valve dimensions

Description Price & Quantity
Ball Valve - 3/4" FIPS
Order 10, 50, 100 or more for extra savings!
$13.64 Enter a quantity and
Ball Valve - 3/4" Sweat
Order 10, 50, 100 or more for extra savings!
$13.65 Enter a quantity and
Stainless Steel Nipple - 3/4" IPS x 1-1/2" Long $3.97 Enter a quantity and

Flexible Corrugated Hot Water Heater Connectors

Ultraflow water connector
  • Specifically designed for use with 3/4" water heaters inlet/outlet
  • Stainless steel water ways inside makes it resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Corrugated design helps prevent against kinks and crimps and makes it extremely flexible
  • Maintains optimum flow with no restrictions and 100% tested against leaking
  • Great for tankless water heaters and more
  • Chrome plated solid brass nuts makes tightening a breeze
  • UPC and ASME A112.18.6 compliant
  • IAPMO listed
  • Click here for more flexible water supply line sizes & connections

Material Inlet/Outlet Length Price & Quantity
Stainless Steel 3/4" FIP x 3/4" FIP 18" $7.44
Stainless Steel 3/4" FIP x 3/4" FIP 24" $8.27 Enter a quantity and
Copper / Stainless Steel 3/4" FIP x 3/4" Nom Sweat 18" $7.61
Copper / Stainless Steel 3/4" FIP x 3/4" Nom Sweat 24" $8.34 Enter a quantity and

Order 10 or more of the same item for additional savings!
Pricing discounts will show up in your shopping cart.

Water Heater Scale Inhibitor System

image of complete scale inhibitor system
This scale inhibitor system features:
  • Highly effective in treating scale, corrosion and iron build-up for up to 6 months
  • Food-grade hexametaphosphate crystals dissolve slowly in water to prevent lime, scale and rust build-up
  • Forms a protective coating on all metal surfaces, safeguarding against acidity/alkalinity, hardness, chloride and other factors which effect the corrosion of water equipment and pipes
  • Maintains efficiently and extends life of system
  • Up to 5gpm
  • Recommended for use with water heaters, ice machines, vending machines, food service equipment, air conditioning and many other types of water processing applications
  • If using on a water heater, it needs to be installed on cold water line entering the water heater
  • Dimensions: 2 7/8" x 9 5/8"
  • Recommended time to change/replace this inhibitor cartridge is 4-6 months
  • It's a good idea to purchase a replacement cartridge to have on hand when needed!
  • For more information, go to our Scale Inhibitor Page

Description Price & Quantity
Scale Inhibitor System:
includes housing, cartridge and mounting bracket
$86.27 Enter a quantity and
Replacement Inhibitor Cartridge
Save on shipping by ordering replacement cartridge now!
$57.26 Enter a quantity and
Mounting Bracket:
included with Scale Inhibitor System
$7.29 Enter a quantity and

FloodStop Systems for Water Heaters

floodstop for water heater
  • Easily prevent water damage from a leaking water heater with this unique device
  • The unit automatically shuts off water supply to the water heater and sounds an alarm leaving all other household fixtures and appliances operational
  • Provides additional protection by requiring AA batteries to be inserted to protect in case of a power outage (batteries not included)
  • Controller will operate normally without batetries installed but will continue to beep until they are inserted
  • Can easily be installed in fifteen muinutes
  • 3/4" Pipe Threaded - Full-Port Motorized Ball Valve (Brass) - for potable water
  • Works with any 3/4" MIPT supply line - rated 0-180 psi
FloodStop (FS 3/4-NPT-V4) Components:
  • Motorized Full-Port Ball Valve (3/4 inch NPT pipe threaded)
  • New Style Control Unit (with Battery Backup 4 X AA Size)
  • Water/Leak Sensor (1-1/4" X 7-1/2")
  • AC Power Adaptor (or use 4 X AA Batteries as Primary Power Source)
  • Output Contact Wires (2)

Model # Description Price & Quantity
FS 3/4-NPT-V4 Water Heater FloodStop System
3/4" pipe threads works with any 3/4" MIPT supply line
$149.95 Enter a quantity and
FS 3/4-C-V4 Water Heater FloodStop System
3/4" compression works with any 3/4" copper applications
$166.49 Enter a quantity and

Make sure to follow all of the manufacturer's instructions and directions by performing the proper maintenance and inspections
to ensure that you are fully protected from flooding - this is ever-so-important with (man-made) safety devices as they will eventually fail.

Related Items & Information

Note: If you're replacing multiple water heaters (old tank style), you may want to order a water heater drain pump to reduce labor by quickly/easily removing the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Each unit shows two different kilowatt (kW) and voltage (V) settings, what does that mean?"
A. Each unit can be wired in two different ways, 208V or 240V which results in two different kW ratings.

Q. "Will an instantaneous water heater save me money on my utility bills?"
A. In many applications you can see a savings. There are some variables that could reduce the amount you save. One example is you will not run out of hot water, so longer showers could cut into your savings. Also, the cost of electricity, propane and natural gas in your area will affect the amount of money saved. The higher the cost for the energy type used to heat your water, the quicker you can recover the higher initial cost of installing a tankless versus tank style water heater.

  • You will never run out of hot water. "You want an hour long shower? No problem!"
  • Electric units can be installed at the point of use.
  • You're not paying energy costs to heat water 24 hours a day.
  • Our electric units don't require a T&P valve (no tank!) - if code allows.
  • Installing a tankless water heater can indeed be a bonus to the environment. (Why choose wastefulness when we're talking about finite natural resources?)
  • They all need a minimum flow rate & pressure to turn on.
  • Electric units need heavy gauge wire, while gas units need a much larger, special flue pipe and larger gas supply than a conventional water heater.
  • At times they can produce very hot water. It's easier to get scalded - but this is easily mitigated with anti-scald valves.
  • With some brands, parts are hard to find (not a negative if you originally purchase from us, as we like to carry parts for the units that we sell).
Tankless water heaters have their place. They're not "the answer" to every hot water need, but if they're used correctly they can be the solution to many of them.

Q. "I'm hearing a lot about lead-free these days. What does that have to do with plumbing products and how does the new lead-free legislation affect me?"
A. Basically, the laws implemented Jan. 1st, 2014 require plumbing products that come in contact with drinking water to be "essentially lead free" (less than 0.25% weighted average). For further information about how the law determines what is "lead free", rules regarding which plumbing products must be "lead free", and who these laws will affect, please click here.

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