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Jammin' Johns Toilet Seats

Are you a creative, artistic, music lover?
Jammin' Johns are music to your rear! Whether you're a music lover yourself or trying to find the perfect gift for the musician in your life, we know you'll love these unique toilet seats as much as we do. Let's face it - they're just plain awesome. What more needs to be said?

P-Ano Toilet Seats

A funny-bone tickler for anyone who loves to tickle the ivories, these truly unique piano-shaped toilet seats are perfect for the pianist in your life. The glossy wood-veneered finish adds just a touch of elegance to the overall look and emulates the feel of your favorite baby grand.

These delightful piano-shaped toilet seats feature:
  • A creative way to liven up bathroom décor and add a touch of whimsical elegance to your home
  • Sturdy pressed wood construction with glossy wood-veneered finishes to suit your style
  • Standard sizing for seats and 5-1/2" bolt spread on hinges fit most toilets
Round Elongated
$177.84 $178.55
Round Elongated
$178.46 $178.74

Please note: For hygienic reasons, toilet seats are non-returnable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do these toilet seats stick out over the rim? It kind of looks that way in the photos..."
A. Yes, due to the unusual shape of the lid, it does stick out a little bit in the front - but they are easier to lift because of it! The guitar-shaped seat lids are fairly even with the sides of the actual sitting area, and stick out about 1" beyond the sitting area in the front. The piano-shaped seat lids are also mostly even with the sitting area on the sides, and stick out about 1/2" in the front.

Q. "How can I clean these seats?"
A. To keep the finishes looking their best, it is recommended you wipe them down with mild soap and water. Dry the toilet seat and apply a basic wood furniture polish to help protect the veneer.

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