Installing Commercial Toilet Seats

Commercial toilet seats are typically found in high traffic restrooms, though nothing should stop you from installing a commercial toilet seat in your residential bathroom if you so choose. To see how to install the typical commercial toilet seat, read on!

Tools needed: 5/8" socket wrench or adjustable Wrench

Step 1:
The commercial style of seat is very easy to install as the bolt is actually integrated into the hinge assembly. To begin installation, adjust the angle of the hinges and place the bolts through the bolt holes in the toilet.

Step 2:
From the underside of the toilet, thread the nut onto the bolt and hand-tighten until snug.

Step 3:
Notice that the nuts that come with your seat have two sections; the section on the bottom is designed to break off when the proper amount of torque is applied. These special nuts make it so you can't over tighten the nut and damage your seat or toilet, if used properly. Use either a 5/8" socket wrench or an adjustable wrench to tighten the nuts. When tightening, place either style of wrench on the bottom portion of the nut only.

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