Ian is a great part of our team

As Vic has taken a small step back from the management of our company, his son Ian has taken a step forward. Ian is the newest member of PlumbingSupply Group, LLC and we're confident he'll help us to maintain the high ideals and customer-oriented focus of our company. He does his job well and with a smile, with a thoroughness we've all come to appreciate. He is another important part of our team who helps to make the service at PlumbingSupply.com® the best on the Internet!

Ian graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from California State University at Chico, and is probably one of the most socially conscious members of our team. He previously worked with us in the shipping and financial departments, but now is quickly learning the ins and outs of everything we do. As we move forward, Ian is constantly helping us to improve our site, finding errors, offering a fresh perspective on our customer experience, and helping us to shape our pages.

Being somewhat tech savvy, Ian helps out with promoting our site and in the past has worked in our web development department focusing mainly on our huge toilet tank lids inventory. Although much of his communication is currently remote, we're pleased to have him on our team and have access through him to what could be called "an outsider's view" of things to help us keep up with our goal of constantly improving our site and our service.

Ian is a beautiful, caring person who is loved by many, who follows his heart and lives a "good life." He has several hobbies, including scuba diving, but really really loves to play guitar and says music is his greatest passion.

Ian in 1999 playing guitarIan playing guitar (on the right) - 1999

Ian playingIan scuba diving - 2004
Ian at HalloweeenIan's "joker" side - 2008

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