Electronic Utility Pump Switch

Automate the task of getting rid of unwanted water in your basement with this helpful Electronic Utility Pump Switch. As water often settles in the lowest spot in the basement, having a pump that will take care of the excess water is a must, and the added convenience of an automated switch can help keep your basement dry. In most cases you can even replace your existing mechanical float switch with this little helper.

Electronic Utility Pump Switch
for water applications only

The HC7000 Utility Pump Switch is an "electronic float" switch that is designed to work with utility pumps in ponding or puddling types of applications. Typically, water gathers in the lowest spot of the basement, usually from seepage or backed up sewers during heavy rains. This electronic pump switch works by attaching it to the pump and placing it where water is deepest, allowing the pump to pump down to its lowest level until the area is dry.

The Electronic Utility Pump Switch is easy to install and doesn't require any special plumbing or wiring. It has a single sensor and a control module, which means that a low level sensor isn't required for the utility pump switch to do it's job. The control module is plugged into a 120 VAC outlet and the pump gets plugged directly into the control module. The sensor is then strapped to the side of the pump at the level where you want the pump to turn on, keeping in mind that most utility pumps need a minimum depth of water (normally 1/2" to 2") before they should be turned on (consult with your pump's MFR for specifications). The sensor will work at any level you set it at.

Utility Pump Switch
Electronic Float Switch #HC7000
Utility Pump Switch Sensor
Strap the sensor to the side of your pump

How the sensor works
The sensors measures resistance between prongs
How does the sensor work?
The sensor is shaped roughly like a pen, and senses water by measuring the resistance between the tip of the probe and ground. When the water is touching the sensor, the resistance is relatively low (Figure 1). When the water drops below the sensor tip, the resistance is very high (Figure 2). When the sensor detects the low resistance from the water, it triggers the control module to turn the pump on. Once the water drops below the sensor, it has no affect on the control of the pump.
What does the control module do?
Once the sensor triggers the pump to turn on, the control module will run the pump until it loses suction. It knows when this happens by monitoring the motor current and looking for the current level to drop when the pump transitions from pumping water to pumping air. To be able to do this reliably every time it turns on, the Utility Pump Switch needs a minimum runtime of 5 seconds. In other words, once the pump turns on, there should be enough water there so that it will take at least five seconds to pump it all out.
  • Pump switch automates the on/off control of the pump allowing it to pump down to it's lowest level.
  • Easy installation means it does not require a plumber or any special wiring.
  • Steady, fast beeping noise will warn you if your sump pump motor is starting to fail - so you can replace it before water damage happens.
  • It's designed to work with utility pumps from all the major pump manufacturers such as Little Giant, Grundfos, Zoeller, Liberty & many more. Simply set the sensor to the pumps specifications & let it do it's job.
Electronic Utility Pump Switch = $86.18

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Voltage 120 VAC
Minimum Current 2.5 Amps
Maximum Current 14 Amps
Minimum Run Time 5 Seconds
Maximum Run Time None
Sensor Cable Length 12 ft
Listing CUL
Environment Indoor Use Only

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Can I use the electronic utility pump switch to replace my existing mechanical float switch?"
A. Yes. You can replace your mechanical float switch in most types of applications, including sump pits and sewage pits, providing your pump's amperage rating does not exceed the rating for this switch.

Q. "How does the 'Electronic Utility Pump Switch' know to warn you if your sump pump motor is failing?"
A. When the Electronic Utility Pump Switch is initially installed, the control module measures the pump motors power draw and stores this information. Every time the sump pump is activated and turns on, the Electronic Utility Pump Switch measures the current pump motor draw and compares it to the initially stored information. If there is a 12% change in the power draw the Electronic Utility Pump Switch will emit a steady, slow repetitive beeping noise. If there is a 25% change in the power draw, then the Electronic Utility Pump Switch will beep at a steady faster rate.

Q. "What happens if you have a power failure? Will the Electronic Utility Pump Switch work correctly when the power is restored?"
A. All of the information is stored in the electronic control module and a power failure will not erase the memory. The Electronic Utility Pump Switch will return to normal operation when the power is restored.

Q. "We purchased the Electronic Utility Pump Switch and are very happy with it. But, is there something available in case we have an electrical power failure?"
A. We offer a water powered backup sump pump made by Zoeller and also one made by Liberty Pumps. The Little Giant battery backup Emergency Sump Pump System is very reliable and we have not heard of any problems with them. Zoeller also makes a 12 volt Battery Backup Pedestal Sump Pump with 25 years of proven performance in the field and thousands of satisfied customers. We also offer a Failed Circuit Alarm which will signal an alarm when a circuit has failed. It's designed for use on refrigerators, freezers, hot tubs, heat lamps for animals, pumps, etc. It can be used with any 110v/120v appliance where it is important to know if the breaker or fuse has blown (or any power outage).

Q. "Does the Electronic Utility Pump Switch work in oil instead of water?"
A. Unfortunately, the #HC7000 will not work in oil according to the manufacturer. An electrical current will not flow through oil, and this switch works by using the electrical conductivity of the water. The switch activates the pump when the sensor senses water by measuring the electrical resistance between the tip of the sensor probe and the electrical ground. The #HC7000 switch uses the pump itself as the electrical ground. When water is touching the sensor the resistance from the sensor to the pump is very low. When water drops below the sensor tip the resitance is very high. When the sensor detects low resistance from the water it triggers the control module to turn on the pump.

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