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Dual Generator Steam System
By Steam-Whirl

For larger spaces and superb coverage, the Gemini System is an excellent choice. Available with many different accessories and multiple finish choices, the perfect steam room set-up awaits. Choose from the standard or deluxe kits, and complete your dream home steam room with one of many beautiful accessory finishes. Add some fragrant aromatherapy oils and you'll be set for the utmost in relaxation.
Woman using steam shower

What are the benefits of choosing a dual generator steam system?

Today steam baths are considered an integral method for purifying and detoxifying the skin and body, increasing circulation, stimulating the immune system and encouraging complete physical and mental well-being. The Gemini steam system will give you peace of mind and leave you feeling great - without the hassle of a commercial installation at home.

These dual generator systems are the ideal solution for those who want to convert a larger space into a steam room. The system includes 2 large residential steam generators which are linked together (wiring harness, hardware & instructions included) and provide full steam bath coverage for rooms up to 1300 cubic feet. They also include the LED self analysis system and allow for all timer options to be used so you have true flexibility in your installation.

More questions? Click here. Not sure if you need a larger steam generator? See our easy to use sizing guide here.

Dual Generator Steam System - The Gemini Series

This unique dual generator system features:
  • Two generators provide exceptional coverage for larger spaces
  • Available in several models to accommodate steam rooms 800-1300 cubic feet and a variety of electrical configurations to suit your home's existing structure
  • Choose from a factory installed automatic blowdown for worry-free maintenance or a manual blowdown for more control over unit drainage
  • Works with three different types of control/steam head kits (sold separately) for a truly customizable steam experience
  • Unique LED self-analysis system lets you see at a glance if the unit is installed and functioning properly
  • Designed specifically for residential use - making it easier to install during remodel or steam shower conversion
  • Dimensions: 20-1/4" x 8-1/4" x 21-1/2" (both units have same dimensions)

Model Max. Capacity kW Volts Phase Amps Breaker Size Wire Size Price & Quantity
with Auto Blowdown
Price & Quantity
with Manual Blowdown
SW-20SG 800 cu. ft. (2) 10.0 240 1 (2) 42 (2) 60A 6AWG $3,502.55 $3,282.02
SW-20-3SG 240 3 (2) 25 (2) 30A 10AWG $3,731.25 $3,510.57
SW-20-8SG 208 1 (2) 48 (2) 60A 6AWG $3,502.53 $3,282.30
SW-24SG 1000 cu. ft. (2) 12.0 240 1 (2) 50 (2) 70A 6AWG $3,907.85 $3,687.23
SW-24-3SG 240 3 (2) 29 (2) 40A 10AWG $4,183.13 $3,930.31
SW-24-8SG 208 1 (2) 58 (2) 80A 4AWG $3,907.82 $3,686.25
SW-30SG 1300 cu. ft. (2) 15.0 240 1 (2) 63 (2) 80A 4AWG $4,102.98 $3,885.28
SW-30-3SG 240 3 (2) 36 (2) 45A 8AWG $4,380.27 $4,158.79
SW-30-8SG 208 1 (2) 63 (2) 80A 4AWG $4,102.93 $3,883.98

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Gemini Dual Steam Generator Accessory Kits

Please note you must choose at least one of these kits for proper operation of these dual steam generators

All kits include two (2) 3/4" steam heads with matching escutcheons in your choice of designer finish, one (1) 25' modular telephone cable per control panel, dual hookup kit, and mounting hardware (gasket, screws, tube silicone)

  • Standard Kit: On/off digital timer (shuts off after 60 minutes) with 2" x 4" control panel - white & black overlay and plate trimmed to match your steam head finish
  • Deluxe Kit: 60 minute timer and programmable temperature control with 4" x 4" control panel - white & black overlay and plate trimmed to match your steam head finish (NOTE: Deluxe timer must be installed inside steam room)
  • Combination Kit: One (1) on/off digital timer AND one (1) 60 minute timer/programmable temperature control offers you greater flexibility in installation and use
Description Finish & Price
Standard Kit with On/Off Timer & Two 3/4" Steam Heads
Deluxe Kit with Programmable Timer/Thermostat & Two 3/4" Steam Heads
Combination Kit with On/Off Timer, Deluxe Timer/Thermostat & Two 3/4" Steam Heads

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More Steam Shower Dual Generator System Accessories

High Quality Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy oils that are inhaled into the lungs are believed to offer both psychological and physical benefits. Some aromatherapy benefits include stress and headache relief, sleep improvement, mood boosting, muscle relaxation, and so much more. Choose your favorite scent and experience the ultimate steam bath. Please note: Some aroma therapy oils may cause allergic reactions in certain people - please use with caution and consult your doctor if you're unsure.

Aromatherapy Oils - 10ml each Price & Quantity
Geranium - A powerful leafy-rose aroma with a minty undertone. A balancing oil for the mind and body - helps relax, calm agitation, ease frustration, and uplift. $26.63
Lavender - A soft, relaxing, floral fragrance that promotes peace of mind and emotional balance. Helpful in soothing depression and stress. $20.29
Peppermint - A sharp, powerful, minty aroma. This oil has an energetic nature to help stimulate your mind and calm your nerves. $28.70
Ylang Ylang - An intensely sweet and floral scent. Hypnotic and relaxing aroma, affecting both mind and the emotions. Aids in calming tension and lifting negative moods. $29.88

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Optional Steam Generator Drain Pan

Drain pan in use
  • Compatible with ALL Steam-Whirl residential generators
  • Helps to prevent water damage to your home in the unlikely event of a leak or other plumbing failure
  • Strong 1.0mm galvanized steel is lightweight and powder coated for added durability and rust protection
  • Common 3/4" NPT drain fitting hooks up to your existing plumbing
  • Dimensions: 10-3/4" x 22-3/4" x 2"
  • Shown with Elite Series generator (sold separately above)
Steam Generator Drain Pan (EACH) = $68.08

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Steam Head Finishes

Please note: Finishes are representational only and may differ depending on monitor settings.

Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Polished Chrome finishPolished Chrome
Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Antique Brass finishAntique Brass
Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Oil Rubbed Bronze finishOil Rubbed Bronze

Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Pewter finishPewter
Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Polished Brass finishPolished Brass
Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Polished Gold finishPolished Gold

Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Polished Nickel finishPolished Nickel
Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Satin Brass finishSatin Brass
Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Satin Gold finishSatin Gold

Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Satin Nickel finishSatin Nickel
Steam-Whirl steam head and escutcheon in Weathered Copper finishWeathered Copper

Dual Generator Steam Bath Related Items & Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is the difference between automatic and manual blowdown?"
A. The automatic blowdown automatically removes the water from the heating tank every time the unit turns off. With manual blowdown the user has to physically turn a valve in order to drain the water. Blowdown in general is a great idea for customers with hard water or a well. Removing the water every time the unit shuts off reduces the amount of calcium build-up, therefore, reducing the amount of maintenance. You are also getting fresh water in the tank with each use instead of using stagnant water to create steam. In most situations, automatic blowdown would be the better choice (much more convenient). The manufacturer only recommends using the manual blowdown for vacation homes or alternative applications where the unit is not being used on a regular basis. Everyday users would greatly benefit from the automatic blowdown option.

Q. "What is the purpose of the Gemini Combo Kit?"
A. With the Gemini combo kit, you can place the standard on/off digital timer outside the steam room. This allows you to turn the steam room on before you go in. You can then set the timer from the inside using the deluxe timer and programmable temperature control.

Q. "What happens if one of the steam generators fails?"
A. If one of the steam generators fails, only one unit will produce steam. This causes only one of the steam heads to release steam. Depending on the size of the steam room (and materials used), there may or may not be enough steam for the user to have a complete steam bath experience.

Q. "Are steam generators expensive to use or operate?"
A. These steam generators are designed to be energy and water efficient - using between 1-2 gallons of cold water per 20-minute steam. To put that in perspective, a 20-minute shower with a 2gpm shower head would use 40 gallons of water heated by your water heater, and the average bath uses 35-50 gallons of water - also heated by your water heater. Even if you take a cool 10 minute shower after your steam (as is recommended by many health professionals), your total overall water usage is less than 25 gallons and the steam unit uses less energy than your typical tank water heater.

Q. "What’s the difference between a steambath/steam shower and sauna? Which is better?"
A. The difference between a steambath and a sauna is basically "wet heat" versus "dry heat". Sauna room temperatures may actually be higher, but you may "feel the heat" more by adding steam. Both steam and sauna systems provide similar benefits for your mental and physical well-being - whichever is "better" for you really comes down to personal preference. Some people find it easier to breathe in a steam bath, while others prefer the hotter feeling of a sauna. Keep in mind also, that a steam bath/shower is usually easier to integrate into an existing bathroom than a sauna, which will usually require separate construction. If you're designing a new home, steam rooms are also generally less expensive to integrate into the design than a sauna as you can utilize one space for both your regular shower and steam shower.

Q. "So does that mean I can convert my existing tub or shower area into a steam room?"
A. Depending on existing circumstances...maybe. However, you must get the advice of a qualified professional (a licensed contractor with plumbing and electrical experience) when planning the conversion. These steam generators are compact so they won't take up much space, low maintenance, and are relatively simple for a professional installer to hook up. While this may not mean a major remodeling project for some, others might have to essentially "start over" with their bathroom since the steambath area must be properly enclosed and all surfaces should be able to get wet without having to worry about mold, mildew, or water damage.

Q. "Who can use a steam shower? Are there any restrictions?"
A. Medical professionals consider "steam and sauna" generally healthy to use, but people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant women, and the elderly who are not in good health should not take a steambath without consulting a physician first. As with all activities involving heat, it is important to maintain good hydration and "self-monitor" one's body for irregularities or negative effects of the heat. Those with cognitive impairments or who may otherwise not be able to appropriately monitor their own steambath usage should be supervised. Additionally, some say children can use steambaths for short periods of time while others say not at all - we say talk to your child's pediatrician first to help avoid any possible risk of harm.

Guidelines For Steam Rooms

Wondering if a steam room will fit into your bathroom remodel or new construction? Follow these basic guidelines to ensure your space is appropriate for steambathing.

  • Walls, ceiling and floor must be completely covered with waterproof finish i.e.: tile, marble, stone, slate
  • Any smooth surface flooring that is used such as tile or marble, should include an anti-skid finish to avoid slipping and injury
  • Any exposed plaster, plasterboard or sheet rock surface must be well sealed with a commercial quality waterproof sealer urethane or epoxy, at least 3 coats
  • Do not use green board, use cement board
  • Ceiling should be pitched away from the door 1-1/2" per foot or constructed in a gable configuration to prevent condensation from dripping
  • Built-in seat should be slightly pitched to allow for condensate run-off
  • Steam room must be completely enclosed with walls, door, floor and ceiling, but should not be vapor proof. A slight opening of approximately 1/4" is desired to create movement of the steam
  • A standard glass shower door is sufficient, a special door is not necessary
  • Make sure there is a floor drain for condensate run-off and cleaning
  • Do not install a fan inside steam room. Hot steam rises and will escape through the flapper
  • Windows that are part of the steam room enclosure should be double paned
  • A deionizer or filter hooked up on incoming water line is helpful in hard/corrosive water areas
  • Install steam generator to hot side of water unless water softener is hooked up. Water softeners are usually hooked up to hot side
  • Check local utility line voltage - choose appropriate steam generator voltage; i.e.: 208V or 240V
  • Make sure steam generator is installed in upright and level position and is in a location that is accessible for water lever probe maintenance
  • Steam generator should never be located where it is exposed to outside weather conditions, freezing temperatures, near flammable materials or inside the steam room

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