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Soothing Rain Shower Heads & Shower Arms
by Elements of Design

Elements of Design offers an impressive selection of products for both the kitchen and bath. Click here for an index of the many products they offer!® is your source for plumbing and plumbing-related products.

Elements of Design Large/Oversized Rain Drop Shower Heads

Elements of Design showerhead DK1251

This over-sized shower head will provide the relaxing watering can effect you want, and is available in two sizes. With a water delivery of 2.5 gpm @ 80 psi, you'll get the shower you want, and with your choice of 8" or 10" face diameters, the perfect shower is in your future. An Elements of Design shower head will enhance your décor, and will last for years - even with everyday use.

These showerheads feature solid brass construction, 8" or 10" face diameter, shower head flow rate of 2.5 gpm @ 80 psi, and has a soothing rain drop shower pattern. Shower arm sold separately (see below).

8" Diameter Shower Head
10" Diameter Shower Head
Please note: Due to low-flow regulations, these shower heads cannot be shipped to California, Colorado, or New York.
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Elements of Design 12" or 17" Extended Shower Arms

Elements of Design shower arm DK1121

Add an extended shower arm to the shower head of your choice for that perfect combination to complete your bathroom style. This shower arm, available in 12" or 17" lengths, will be a useful addition to your shower, bringing the shower head away from the wall and enhancing the rain shower feature of many shower heads. Elements of Design products are durable, attractive, and are built to last.

These shower arms feature solid brass construction, a forged brass flange, 12" or 17" shower arm lengths, and premier finishes.

12" Shower Arm
17" Shower Arm
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do you sell any showerheads that completely shut off water flow?"
A.No, and we are not aware of any showerheads that have the ability to completely stop water flow. With your shower valve still open and the showerhead completely closed, it is possible for hot water to force itself into the cold water line. Once the showerhead is opened again, only hot water flows for a moment, creating a risk of scalding. Showerheads are normally manufactured to dribble a small amount and prevent this from occurring.

Q. "Does the showerhead I ordered swivel, or do I need an additional part for it to do so?"
A. It is rare for a showerhead not to have a swivel feature unless its position adjustment is in the shower arm or it is a "flat" model that is meant to be installed parallel to the floor. With the exception of those mentioned, some industrial models and most handshowers, standard-style showerheads generally come with a built-in swivel feature.

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