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Commercial Hand Dryers

by World Dryers

For a durable, yet attractive, option to paper towels, an energy efficient, high-speed hand dryer ensures a safe and sanitary way to dry hands after washing. Save money - and trees! - by replacing paper towel dispensers with safe and economical hand dryers from World Dryer. A hand dryer is also a great way to minimize waste and reduce garbage collection since there are no paper towels to pick up.

Airforce Commercial Hand Dryers

Hand dryers help the environment by saving our precious trees. Airforce is an energy efficient, hygienic and fast automatic hand dryer manufactured with patented SteriTouch® antimicrobial material reducing the spread of harmful bacteria. The sleek modern design complements any washroom décor and eliminates the need for purchasing, resupplying, and disposing of paper towels. Show your commitment to the environment and reduce your waste management expenses by installing a fast-drying, efficient, and quiet hand dryer.

Example of the Airforce commercial hand dryer, shown in white
  • Fast 10-12 second dry time
  • Innovative multi-jet technology means this dryer is 2.5X faster than traditional dryers but uses less energy
  • Save time and money instead of supplying, stocking, and removing paper towels
  • SteriTouch® anti-microbial technology helps prevent the build-up and spread of germs, mold and bacteria
  • Automatic activation means no need for touching, further reducing the possible spread of bacteria
  • Low sound level
  • Light weight, modern sleek design
  • Modular design for easy servicing
  • Available recess kit for ADA compliant installation
  • 110-120 V - 9.6 Amps, 1100 Watts, 60 Hz
    208-230 V - 4.8 Amps, 1100 Watts, 60 Hz
  • Certification: cULus, CE, TUV-GS, IP24, GreenSpec
  • 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Offered in a variety of finishes; shown in polished chrome
  • Overall dimensions: 10.7" x 8.9" x 6.5" - see diagram

Model Cover Material Cover Finish 120V 208-240V
J-970 Aluminum Polished Chrome $439.96 $439.99
J-971 Aluminum Brushed Chrome $465.25 $466.74
J-974 Aluminum White $395.84 $398.70
J-162 Aluminum Black $419.99 $419.44
J-975 Cold Rolled Steel White $419.13 $419.69
J-972 Stainless Steel Polished $478.78 $478.78
J-973 Stainless Steel Brushed $479.63 $479.90
KJR-973 Stainless Steel Recessing Kit $160.80

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SMARTdri Commercial Hand Dryers

Did you know it takes less energy to dry your hands with a hand dryer than to create paper towels? SMARTdri is an incredibly energy efficient, fast and hygienic hand dryer. SMARTdri is designed to optimize dry time, energy consumption and sound quality. The flexible controls have three speed options and on/off heating options that maintenance personnel may set to suit the environment. Select high speed for faster drying in high volume facilities such as airports or health clubs, or low speed for a quieter drying experience. Turn the heater on for a warm rush of air in cooler locations or during the winter, or keep the heat off for warmer environments. Hand dryers also save your business time and reduce waste management costs as there are no towels to buy, receive, stock, resupply, inventory, or dispose of. Provide comfort without increasing your waste management costs with these versatile hand dryers.

Example of the SmartDri commercial hand dryer, shown in white
  • Fast 10 second dry time is 3 times faster than traditional dryers
  • Save time and money by reducing waste management expenses
  • Extremely energy efficient, this dryer uses only 12% energy of traditional dryer and only 45-65% energy of competitive high speed dryers
  • 3-Speed motor controls and ON/OFF heating options allows this dryer to be customized to suit the environment
  • Embedded anti-microbial additive for user hygiene
  • Quiet automatic operation for improved sound level
  • The modular vandal resistant design provides superior reliability and ease of servicing
  • Available recess kit for ADA compliant installation
  • 110-120 V - 3.3-10 Amps, 400-1200 Watts, 60 Hz
    208-240 V - 1.8 -5.2 Amps, 425-1250 Watts, 60 Hz
  • Certification: cULus, CE, TUV-GS, IP24, GreenSpec
  • 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Available in a variety of finishes; shown in white
  • Overall dimensions: 12.5" x 9.3" x 7.6" - see diagram

Model Cover Material Cover Finish 120V 208-240V
K-970 Aluminum Polished Chrome $549.65 $549.88
K-971 Aluminum Brushed Chrome $557.07 $556.90
K-974 Aluminum White $509.05 $634.53
K-162 Aluminum Black $513.50 $515.29
K-975 Cold Rolled Steel White $514.51 $649.72
K-972 Stainless Steel Polished $612.14 $615.64
K-973 Stainless Steel Brushed $612.24 $612.24
K-976 Cast Iron White $549.76 $701.58
KKR-973 Stainless Steel Recess Kit $160.74

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is cold rolled steel? How does it compare with stainless steel?"
A. Cold rolled steel is a metal forming process which increases the strength and hardness of the steel and improves the surface finish. It does not change the properties of the steel, so it is still subject to rust; however, cold rolled steel is often painted not only to be decorative, but also to protect the metal. Different from cold rolled steel is Stainless steel - an alloy that is highly rust and corrosion resistant, and for this reason, it can be polished or matte finished without requiring a protective coating.

Q. "How loud are these hand dryers?"
A. The Airforce is rated at 83 dB (decibels), which is about as loud as a standard hair dryer or a household blender. The SmartDri has multiple speeds, so it may be louder or softer depending on how it is programmed by the installer.

Q. "Why should I purchase a hand dryer for my business?"
A. There are many reasons to use a hand dryer instead of traditional paper towels, both environmental and economical. Studies have found that the production of paper towels is twice as energy intensive as the use of hand dryers and creates more greenhouse gases, and while paper towels can be made from recycled paper, they cannot be recycled, and so each paper towel that is thrown away winds up in a landfill. Add this to the fact that paper costs continue to rise, and a business has to pay someone (or multiple someones) to order, restock, inventory, and finally dispose of paper towels, and you have an ongoing expense and hassle. Overflowing trash bins are a source for potential fines and create a negative image. Depending on the volume of paper towels used at your business, it could even cause increased fees from the waste management company that takes the used paper towels to the landfill. That's not even counting customer or client frustration if the paper towels run out, or if paper towels are used to vandalize the sinks or toilets. With automatic hand dryers, cleaning becomes more efficient for janitorial staff, which saves time, which in turn saves money. Is it no wonder that hand dryers typically pay for themselves in about a year? And with an expected lifespan, with regular maintenance, of over 10 years, it truly is an economical decision to choose one of these automatic hand dryers, not just an environmental one.

Q. "I already have hand dryers at my business. Why should I trade them out?"
A. Technology is constantly advancing. The hand dryer that was the height of technological advancement, efficiency, and noise reduction 15 years ago is less efficient and noisier than the hand dryers of today. If your hand dryer is older and needing more maintenance, it's probably time to replace it with a more efficient and quieter model. It will save your company time, reduce frustration, and over the life of the hand dryer, it will save money.

Q. "How do hand dryers reduce the spread of bacteria?"
A. Hand dryers in general reduce the spread of harmful bacteria mostly by reducing the things people need to touch. With these automatic hand dryers, all you have to do is present your hands to activate the drying process. Unlike traditional hand dryers or paper towel dispensers, automatic hand dryer activation helps prevent cross contamination; there are no buttons or levers to push and no dropping wet paper towels into dark garbage cans for someone else to have to handle later.

Q. "What is the benefit of cast iron construction?"
A. Per the manufacturer, the cast iron models are literally bullet proof. What this means for you is that they will stand up to pretty much anything, making them ideal for high traffic and high abuse locations, such as public restrooms, schools, rec areas, parks, etc.

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