Clerét Classic Squeegee
"A squeegee with class...a piece of functional art."

Clerét squeegees have long been recognized as some of the finest shower squeegees in the world. With superior performance and quality construction, you'll feel the difference after the first use. Don't settle for a boring, unattractive, and unwieldy shower squeegee that strains the wrists and leaves water, soap, and mineral build-up behind. Choose an artistic, ergonomic, and effective, yet highly affordable Clerét squeegee for a sparkling clean shower today.

Cleaning wet surface with Cleret squeegee
This unique sqeegee features:
  • An attractive contemporary design that can be left out when not in use - making it handy to reach the next time it is needed
  • Helps to prevent unslightly water spots, soap scum, and hard water mineral build-up on shower doors, tile, and marble
  • Flexible 10" dual wiping blades are versatile enough to effectively clean smooth, textured, or contoured surfaces
  • Lightweight, compact squeegee is easy to use and maneuver
  • Ergonomic design reduces wrist strain and makes cleaning up quick and painless
  • Stylish semi-transparent aqua color with durable white ABS handle complements almost any bathroom décor
  • Can also be used to clean windows, kitchen surfaces, cars, and boats - it even floats!
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Clerét Classic Shower Squeegee - Aqua = $19.49

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Sweep water off of glass, showers, and tile or tub walls with just a roll of the wrist!

The New York Times called Cleret "a squeegee with class... a piece of functional art." Functional, because used right after bathing it will prevent the buildup of unsightly soap residue and water spots on shower doors, tile, marble and mirrors. Art, because Cleret is attractive enough to be left out on display when not in use making it handy to reach the next time it is needed. It does a fabulous job in the bath, kitchen, on windows, on boats - it even floats.

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