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Cabinet Water Softeners

The American Plumber Cabinet Water Softener is a compact solution to your water softening needs. Softened water is beneficial in many ways, as it reduces many of the culprits that leave water stains from iron, create water spots, and difficult to remove residue and soap film. Using softened water can make your laundry brighter, and saves money and energy.

American Plumber Cabinet Water Softeners

Cabinet Water Softener
Benefits / Features of these cabinet water softeners:
  • Reduces:
    • Hardness and mineral deposits (Calcium, manganese, and iron)
    • Iron-staining
    • Scale build-up
    • Soap film
    • Water spots (on pots, pans, glassware, sinks, and tubs)

  • Increases:
    • Plumbing life
    • Effectiveness of detergents for cleaner, brighter wash

  • Demand Regeneration:
    • Saves water and salt
    • Regenerates only when necessary, saving energy and money
    • Monitors actual water usage

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Model # Description Price & Quantity
W-425F Demand Cabinet Water Softener $779.37
W-426F Demand Cabinet Water Softener $834.39

Due to weight and to ensure safe delivery, these items ship by truck and have a $175 additional shipping fee per freight item.
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Helpful Tip: Water softeners can accelerate the corrosion of anode rods
in water heaters causing premature water heater tank failure.

Learn more about the importance of anode rods and prolonging the life of your water heater.

Sani-System Water Softener Sanitizer

an image of the water softener sanitizer

Get the job done fast with these conveniently easy-to-use, pre-measured sanitizing packets. When used as directed, Sani-System kills bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), Escherichia coli (E. coli) Listeria as well as many other micro-organisms that grow on the untreated surfaces of water quality equipment. This sanitizer eliminates odors while sanitizing tanks, lines and hoses. These sanitizers are a great way to help your system remain free and clear of bacteria growth, which in turn helps your mind stay free and clear of worrying about your water quality.

Great reasons to use water softener sanitizer:
  • Sanitizes the water softener in only 60 seconds time
  • Will not stain or damage softener resin
  • Will not leave an after-taste or smell when used as directed
  • Chlorine-free and non-corrosive
  • EPA and NSF Certified for a 99.99% kill rate
  • Easy to use single-dose packets

Water Softener Sanitizer Packet - 0.5 FL. OZ. = $3.89

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How does a water softener work?"
A. During normal conditioning, raw water enters the system through an inlet at the top of the resin tank. As it seeps down through the resin bed, hardness and scale are collected on the ion exchange sites of the resin. The result is the quality and convenience of conditioned water. During the regeneration cycle, the system automatically regenerates the ion exchange resin while gently agitating the resin bed to remove foreign particles.

Q. "During the regeneration process of a water softener is it ok to turn on the faucets, take a shower, etc? Will it mess up the regeneration process?"
A. Running water while the softener is regenerating will not mess up the regeneration process, but any water used during the regeneration cycle will not be softened. If water is used while the water softener regenerates, water that would normally go through the softener now automatically bypasses the softener and runs straight to the fixture being used and to the water heater if any hot water is being used.

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