Narita ROC Collection Freestanding Bath Tub

by Americh

Americh ROC Collection Narita bathtub installed in bathroom

The Narita tub by Americh is part of their ROC Collection made from mineral cast natural stone solid surface, making this a truly luxurious and unique bathtub. Reminiscent of classic slipper tubs, the teardrop shape of the Narita tub adds classical elegance to your bathroom, while the integral waste with linear overflow offers a polished look. Weight: 305 lbs. - Max. Capacity: 74 gal.

Narita ROC Freestanding Bathtub - 67" x 33" x 21" - $5,801.26
Tub Color:
Drain Finish:
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Standard lead time for these made-to-order tubs is approximately 3-4 weeks.

Please note: Americh makes tubs on a custom basis, therefore, they cannot be returned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is the ROC collection made of?"
A. The ROC collection by Americh is a unique line of tubs constructed with mineral cast materials that form a natural stone solid surface. This offers you natural insulation to help the bath water maintain temperature and provides a lovely matte or glossy white color. The mineral cast also improves the structural integrity of the tub - meaning it is very strong and very heavy. This is truly a tub that will last a lifetime and beyond. Please be aware that the weight of these tubs must be adequately supported - they are not suitable for installation on a second floor or anything higher than ground level without special reinforcement. When considering placement, please also take into account the weight of the tub once it is filled with water.

Q. "How can I clean this ROC stone solid surface bathtub?"
A. To care for this specialty tub material, simply wash the surface gently with a soft damp cloth and a neutral liquid soap for daily cleaning. Non-abrasive tub and tile cleaners can be used for routine cleaning or disinfecting. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners, disinfectants, or brushes and scouring pads as this can damage the surface finish and void any warranties. Additionally, note that prolonged contact with substances like toothpaste, cologne, shaving cream, nail polish remover, vinegar, anti-bacterial soaps, wines, etc. can also damage surface finishes and void warranties.

Q. "How long after I order an Americh tub will I receive it?"
A. Generally, you can expect the factory to ship the tub approximately 21 days (three weeks) after your order has been placed. Add transit time from the factory to your location and it will take about a month from the time that you place your order till the time that you will receive your Americh tub. You will see (when it arrives) how well Americh crates (price of crating included) your tub. It has been our experience that it is very rare that an Americh tub gets damaged in transit (unlike some other products that shipping carriers seem to damage easily).

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