Andrina Series Freestanding Bath Tubs

by Americh

This tub is proudly made in the USA

Love the feeling of a bubbly bath but can't handle the vigor of massage jets? Do you just want a relaxing soak at the end of the day? The Andrina traditionally styled soaker tub or soaker with Airbath is the solution. It offers you all the modernity of a freestanding air bubble tub with a classic look that will fit perfectly into your Victorian or Old World décor. Choose the soaker only tub for simple relaxation - or try the Airbath II with a ring of air jets around the perimeter of the tub and luxuriate in soothing bubbles.
Americh Andrina freestanding tub shown installed in bathroom
Americh Andrina freestanding soaking tub

Andrina Soaker & Airbath Tub Packages

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Soaker ONLY
Soaker with Airbath II
Tub Color:
Drain Finish:
Please note: Blower for Andrina tub with Airbath II must be remotely located. Please contact your plumber or installer prior to ordering to confirm correct placement is achievable for your specific installation.
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Standard lead time for these made-to-order tubs is approximately 3-4 weeks.

Please note: Americh makes tubs on a custom basis, therefore, they cannot be returned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is Hot Rush?"
A. Hot Rush is a service we offer which dramatically increases the speed of your order. 3-4 weeks is the average lead time when shipping these made to order tubs. However, by selecting Hot Rush, we are able to get your order shipped with a lead time of 14 business days.

Q. "What is the benefit of adding the 'high density reinforcement' to the tub?"
A. The "High Density Reinforcement" applied to the tub is actually to make it more substantial so as to have the feel and substance of a cast iron tub, without the heft (and cost). It is an extra layer of 1/4" thick fiberglass applied to the tub exterior, which results in a total wall thickness of approximately 1/2" and gives it a more solid feel.

Q. "What is your opinion on Americh's quality?"
A. Second to none. We believe Americh is one of the finest, quality oriented, acrylic tub manufacturers in the U.S.

Q. "How long after I order an Americh tub will I receive it?"
A. Generally, you can expect the factory to ship the tub approximately 21 days (three weeks) after your order has been placed. Add transit time from the factory to your location and it will take about a month from the time that you place your order till the time that you will receive your Americh tub. You will see (when it arrives) how well Americh crates (price of crating included) your tub. It has been our experience that it is very rare that an Americh tub gets damaged in transit (unlike some other products that shipping carriers seem to damage easily).

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