SHURflo® 12 Volt Fresh Water Pump

The SHURflo® 12 volt water pump is an economical yet reliable water pump for fresh water delivery. This little self-priming workhorse is great for many uses where utility power isn't available, or is temporarily off. The convenience of a 12 volt water pump will be apparent the first time you use it - whether you are using it for your small cabin, on a food service truck, or in your RV, you're sure to be happy with this pump. Looking for more great pumps? Click here.

Portable Battery Operated Water Pump

SHURflo water pump
  • Self priming
  • Great for RV's, food service trucks, small cabins or anywhere without utility power
  • For multi-fixture applications
  • Internal low-cycling bypass
  • Automatic demand switch (40-45 psi)
  • 3 valve pumping chambers
  • Extra quiet
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to install
  • Can run dry without damage
  • 100Ft Max Head
  • Built in check valve
  • 12 volt, DC, 7.5 Amps
  • Thermally protected
  • 3 GPM (11.3 LPM)
  • Shut-Off pressure 55 psi
  • 1/2" IPS inlet/outlet
  • IAPMO and CSA recognized
  • Direct replacement for 2088 series
  • Dimensions: 7.84" long x 5" wide x 4.62" high

This SHURflo® Revolution fresh water pump is designed for intermittent use to pump water smoothly and quietly. It is self-priming, but for best results and longer pump life, the pump should be mounted within 6 feet of the tank or water source. The pump will pull greater distances but the greater the distance it pulls the less the outlet flow will be. This can also increase vibration and noise and reduce the pump life expectancy.

Normal SHURflo® Revolution pump operation can increase water flow up to 40 psi. As water flow is diminished, the pressure of the outlet flow side of the pump can increase above 40 psi. This pressure increase causes the spring-loaded by-pass valve to open and allow water to flow back from the output side of the pump through the input side of the pump. This keeps the pump from cycling, providing a smooth and steady flow of water even when the faucet is lowered to a trickle. When a faucet is opened back up the water flow pressure will drop, the by-pass will close, and once again full water flow will be achieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is 'max head'?"
A. Max head is the maximum height the pump can pump vertically. If you need to pump higher than that, we recommend that you purchase a bigger pump.

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