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Lunar Series Replacement Toilet Parts

by Universal Rundle

Keep your Universal Rundle Lunar toilet in top working order with the right repair and replacement parts from your friends at®! From diverters and float balls to trip levers and pinion holder assemblies, we've got what you're looking for. Looking for more UR parts? Click here.

Lunar one-piece toilet

Universal Rundle Toilet
Lunar Series

Order replacement parts for the Lunar toilet below

Replacement Parts for Lunar Series Toilet
One-Piece Model - 4015/4017/4072/4073

Lunar toilet repair parts by Universal Rundle

Model & Service Years Description Original
Part #
Part #
Price & Quantity
Lunar Toilet Models:

April 1981 - April 1987
Ballcock 190 190 Discontinued
Diverter 197 197 Discontinued
Flush Valve 259 260 $48.21
Pinion Holder Assembly 258 258 Discontinued
Float Rod - 10" 128 128 $2.14
Float Ball 102 102 $2.94
Trip Lever - Chrome 331 312 $16.96
Lunar Toilet Models:

May 1987 - March 1989
Ballcock 161 161 Discontinued
Float ball for 1B1X Fill Valve above $2.94
Complete Repair Kit for the 161 and 1B1X - Includes top assembly, large o-ring, plunger with washers and 3 screws $12.61
Flush Valve 260 260 $48.21
Pinion Holder Assembly 258 258 Discontinued
Float Rod - 10" 128 128 $2.14
Float Ball 103 102 $2.94
Trip Lever - Chrome 380 #47123-0020A $14.90

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Universal Rundle Toilet Replacement Parts by Model
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*Please note: Different series toilets may share the same model number. Please double check the model number and date stamp in your toilet and cross reference that with available pictures and diagrams prior to ordering to ensure you're getting the correct parts for your toilet.

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