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Simple, straightforward and low shipping rates for these drain and sewage ejector packages.

Drain & Sewage Ejector Packages

Sewage ejection systems are the answer to installing a complete bathroom or laundry room or maybe just a shower in your basement or anywhere else that is below your main sewer or septic lines. The systems featured below are very efficient and trouble-free.® is your source for everything plumbing-related.

Sewage Ejector Package by Little Giant
This system consists of a #9S-CIA-RFS pump, a 30-gallon basin (22"diameter x 30"), a full-flow check valve, and a float switch. Click here to see a typical installation of this package. The basin is recessed into the floor and the pump is mounted in the bottom of it. Your fixtures drain into the basin, the fluid level rises enough to trigger the float switch which then turns on the pump and pumps the sewage up through the check valve into your regular drain line. The vent outlet is a 3" opening with a 3"x2" rubber grommet. The discharge outlet from the basin is a 2" non-threaded opening with a 2" rubber grommet. The side inlet is set up for 4" drain pipe but can be bushed down to 3". The 9S-CIA-RFS has the following specs: cord=20', HP=4/10, watts=1020, flow rate=4800gph@5', maximum vertical lift (shut-off) at 18' - how high it will pump before shutting off. View the detailed performance curve chart for the Little Giant #9S-CIA-RFS pump. The sewage package #SE-LGSMPK comes standard with a full-flow 2" check valve. The sewage package #SE-9S-SMPXRT-K is an upgrade version that contains a combination swing check valve and ball valve. The check/ball valve combination allows you to stop backflow from reaching the sewage package while servicing it. We recommend the check valve or check/ball valve combination be vertical mounted.
Replacement pumps for Little Giant sewage ejector packages are available below.
sewage basin with cross cut view of assembled pump

Description Price & Quantity
Sewage Ejector Package #SE-LGSMPK
- w/full-flow PVC compression swing check valve
Sewage Ejector Package ##SE-9S-SMPXRT-K
- w/PVC compression check/ball valve combination
Replacement Part for above sewage packages
Description Price & Quantity
Foam (Lid) Cover Assembly - 18" diameter
- includes pipe flanges (2" or 3" vent - 2' discharge) and cord grommet

Due to the size and/or weight, these sewage ejector packages do not qualify for 2nd day shipping.

We have sold many of these Little Giant brand sewage ejector packages with MANY satisfied customers!

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Qwik Jon System very popular Qwik Jon System by Zoeller Co.
This is a polyethylene structural foam pedestal (41" x 25" x 5 1/2") that either sits on the floor or recessed to be level with the floor. The toilet is to be mounted to the top of the pedestal. Click here to see more pictures of this system. There is a .5 hp sewage ejector pump (with non-clogging vortex impellers) inside the unit. It uses a 2" discharge line (passes up to 2" spherical solids) with a check valve going up from behind where the toilet sits. It will accommodate a toilet, lav sink, a bathtub, and/or a laundry sink. You can install a variety of toilets on it (toilet not included). The .5 hp pump is rated at 78 GPM at 10' head, and has a maximum vertical lift (shut-off) at 19 feet. This great Zoeller sewage ejector system (model 102) uses standard 115 voltage (3 prong neoprene wire), can have up to a 130°F (54°C) temp. and has a UL listed pump. Zoeller recommends the model 102 for installations up to 15' vertical height. Please consult the factory if your installation will be above a 15' vertical height. Replacement pumps for Qwik Jon Systems are available below. Each Qwik Jon 102 System is shipped ALL IN ONE carton.

Click here to view pump curves for the Model 102 (Model 100 discontinued)

Description Price & Quantity
Qwik Jon Sewage Ejector Model 102 - 1/2 hp pump - #SE-QJ102
Note: Toilet NOT included. Works with most floor discharge toilets.

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Replacement Pumps for Sewage Ejector Packages

Little Giant Replacement Pump
image of the Little Giant #9SN-CIA-RF
This Little Giant 9SN Series Sewage Pump has a permanent split capacitor motor and uses less electricity than standard motors. A lower electrical current draw means the motor will run cooler. For added protection the motor housing is filled with a dielectric oil to quickly dissipate any heat and at the same time provides lifetime lubrication to the bearings.

Although these pumps use less electricity than others, it pushes wastewater and solid waste material up to 2" diameter up through the volute and out the 2" discharge at a tremendous rate of 110 gpm at 5' of head pressure. A cast iron external housing with a protective epoxy coating and stainless steel screws, bolts, handle and seal assembly assist in providing excellent rust and corrosion resistance.

View the performance curve chart for the Little Giant #9SN-CIA-RF here
Little Giant Replacement Sewage Ejector Pump
2" Discharge
Model # Cord HP Amps Wattage Voltage Flow Rate Shut-Off Price & Quantity
*9SN-CIA-RF 20' 4/10 9 920 115 6600gph@5' 20' $362.20
*Due to size and/or weight, this pump does not qualify for 2nd day shipping

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Zoeller Qwik Jon Replacement Pumps
Zoeller 266WM sewage pump Qwik Jon Replacement Pumps have an automatic level control switch and a thermal overload protected motor. Both of these pumps have a non-clogging vortex impeller that will easily pass up to 2" spherical solids out through the 2" discharge. A 10 ft. electrical cord and plug is included for easy replacement. The model #WM211 has a maximum operating temperature of 110°F. and the model#WM266 has a maximum operating temperature of 130°F. These pumps are designed for use in Qwik Jon ® units only. They are not designed to be used for any other application.

Click here for performance curve chart

For Qwik Jon Units #100, 101 and #102
Zoeller Qwik Jon Sewage Ejector Pumps:
These are replacement pumps for Qwik Jon units
Model # Description HP Amps Voltage GPM @10' Shut-Off Price & Quantity
WM266 Replacement Pump for:
Qwik Jon Systems #100 and #102
1/2 10.4 115 60 19.2' $363.22
WM211 Replacement Pump for:
Qwik Jon System #101
.4 5.5 115 40 17.5' $239.41

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We also sell Grundfos stainless steel sewage ejector pumps and Grundfos s.s. sump pumps

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does shut off at 18' mean?"
A. It means that the pump cannot pump higher (measured vertically) than 17' 11" (with no friction loss taken into account). If you install a pipe 17 feet 11 inches high straight up from the pump, water would still trickle over and out of the pipe. If you install a pipe with a height of 18' straight up from the pump, while the pump continues to operate, water will just stay at that height in the pipe.

Q. "Can I mount the check valve horizontally?"
A. It is recommended the check valve (or check/ball valve combination) be mounted vertically, however each can be mounted horizontally. The installation for each unit is similar; the check valve hinge must be at the top.

Q. "I want to add a toilet in my basement. I want to pump it up (my sewage). However all my drain lines are above. What can I do?"
A. You can install a sewage ejector pump and basin. There are two ways to do this depending on what you want the finished product to look like and how much work you want to do. The Zoeller "Qwik Jon" can be installed with no digging at all. However, your toilet will sit up on the unit (about 5 1/2" above the floor). If you want to drain any other fixtures into it (lavs, laundry sinks, etc.) you will need to run a drain line from the fixture along the baseboard to the Zoeller basin. We have sold many "Qwik Jon" systems.

Q. "Your price for the Zoeller Qwik Jon seems so low compared to others. Is it a complete unit? I mean, does it includes the pump and the basin, etc.?"
A. The Qwik Jon model 102 is complete. We do not "bait and switch." We have sold many of them, and the volume of our purchasing, and the fact that our overhead is very low, allows us to sell the complete package at the low price listed above.

Q. "Can I safely use an air admittance valve (or "auto vent") on any of the above systems?"
A. Although some people have installed an air admittance valve on the above systems, we will never suggest or recommend that you do so. We always recommend installing a vent all the way through the roof (and as per your local codes). We have had people write us stating that when they installed an air admittance valve the flapper in the valve can chatter and create vibration. The right way to go is to install a non-mechanical vent, all the way to the roof, and as per your local codes.

Q. "How is the toilet mounted to the tank on the Qwik Jon?"
A. Basically it's as easy as mounting a toilet to standard toilet flanges (99% of toilets today mount this way) in that you simply attach your toilet with standard toilet bolts (identically to standard toilet mounting) to the provided toilet flange.

Q. "What is a vortex impeller and what does it do?"
A. A vortex impeller handles debris better than other impellers. It's used to help prevent clogging in your pump. Below is an example of a vortex impeller.
vortex impeller

Q. "What does the automatic reset thermal overload protection do?"
A. If the pump gets too hot the thermal overload protection will turn it off until the pump cools down (to prevent damage to the motor). The pump turns back on after it has cooled down enough. This backup protection feature is useful if some debris causes the pump to overheat.

Q. "Do I need to install a vent pipe to the tank?"
A. It really depends on how you plumb the piping to the tank and each situation is different. In many cases with any brand of sealed tank the simple answer is yes as you need air to displace the volume of discharge. An AAV may be used in many areas of the country but local codes always prevail and so best to check with your local code authorities before purchasing the enclosed tank system/s such as these shown on this page.

Q. "Will this toilet meet my town's high efficiency toilet laws?"
A. While we do make an effort to be aware of upcoming plumbing-related legislation, we simply cannot keep up with all the plumbing-related legislation for all municipalities. As part of the selection process for new fixtures, we highly recommend contacting your local code enforcement agencies for the latest plumbing fixture requirements. This will help you select the correct fixtures for your home or business, and will also help avoid nasty surprises should your project require a permit or inspection. If working with a plumber, confirm he or she is well aware of current legislation in your area, too.

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