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Comfort Series Circulation Pumps

by Grundfos

Tired of waiting for the water to heat up? These innovative comfort pumps are especially designed for those fixtures that are on a return line to the hot water source. The use of a circulating pump in an efficient recirculation system conserves water and energy, which will save you money. For additional information on the use of these great systems, please refer to the FAQ's below.

The Grundfos Comfort UP Series pump recirculates water in a continuous hot water pipe loop through the water heater so there will be no wait for the water to warm up (click here to view illustration).

Circulation Pump #UP10-16B
Grundfos Comfort Series - UP10-16B
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  • Unique wet rotor design
  • Conserves water and energy
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Available with a built-in timer, power cord, & aquastat
  • View mounting positions
Model Description Price & Quantity
Bronze Body, 1/2" Sweat
UP10-16B5/LC 1/2" sweat, 115VAC, line cord $215.41
UP10-16B5/TLC 1/2" sweat, 115VAC, line cord & timer $288.92
UP10-16B5/ATLC 1/2" sweat, 115VAC, line cord, timer & aquastat $289.76
Bronze Body, 1/2" NPT
UP10-16BN5/LC 1/2" FNPT, 115VAC, line cord
Super Sale - while supplies last
UP10-16BN5/TLC 1/2" FNPT, 115VAC, line cord & timer $286.87
UP10-16BN5/ATLC 1/2" FNPT, 115VAC, line cord, timer & aquastat $320.24
Bronze Body, Union Mount
order union mounts below
Union thread, 115VAC, line cord, check valve,
isolation valve, timer & aquastat
An aquastat is a thermostat control that turns the pump on or off based on temperature.

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Bronze Union Options
For union series pumps

Grundfos 529912 NPT Bronze Union Set image
Bronze Union Options (1 set required - sold in pairs)
Includes: 2 each - union connections, and gaskets
Part # Description Pump Connection Price & Quantity
529912 NPT Bronze Union set 3/4" GU 125 Union $41.17
529913 Solder Bronze Union set 1/2" GU 125 Union $41.93
529911 Solder Bronze Union set 3/4" GU 125 Union $41.19
519850 Bronze Isolation Union set 1/2" GU 125 Union $48.73
519852 Bronze Isolation Union set 3/4" GU 125 Union $47.19
519851 Compression Bronze Isolation set 3/4" GU 125 Union $64.85
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The Grundfos Comfort Series instant hot water system eliminates cold water runoff at the faucet, using a bypass valve and pump with a timer to control water flow.

Comfort Series Instant Hot Water System #UP15-10S

Grundfos Comfort Series - UP15-10S
  • No return line required
  • Unique wet rotor design
  • Conserves water and energy
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Built-in timer & power cord
  • Maintenance free
  • Comes complete with pump and valve
  • View diagram
Bronze Body, 3/4" Union Price & Quantity
UP15-10SU7P/TLC 3/4" union x 3/4" NPT, 115v w/timer, line cord
check valve & 1 comfort valve
595926-1 Comfort valve $62.82
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How does the Comfort UP hot water circulation pump work?"
A. Grundfos "Comfort" series hot water circulation pumps works in the following manner:

Grundfos UP comfort pumps

Please note: Unlike the diagram above, the Grundfos UP15-10S "Comfort" series hot water system works in the following manner: The comfort valve is installed under the faucet farthest from the water heater. The UP 15 series recirculation pump moves the hot water from the heater throughout the pipe back to the heater through the cold water line. As the water heats up at the comfort valve, it closes. When a faucet is turned on, warm water is instantly available for use with no waste.

Q. "I'd like to have hot water without much of a wait. How can I do this?"
A. The two easiest solutions are:
A) A tankless water heater at the source.
B) A hot-water recirculation system. This consists of a small pump and a return line from your farthest fixture. The pump mounts near the bottom of your water heater along with a swing check valve (see diagram found on our circulation pump page).

Q. "Does a hot water recirculating system use up a lot of energy?"
A. Both options use energy. But not as much as most people think. On the recirculating system we highly recommend insulating all of your hot water pipes. Also having a timer and/or a thermostat will use even less energy. An electric tankless water heater doesn't use any energy when you're not drawing hot water.

Q. "What is an aquastat?"
A. An aquastat is a thermostat control that turns the pump on or off based on temperature.

Q. "What is the benefit of installing an optional timer or thermostat?"
A. Either one will save energy (and money). The timer only allows the pump to turn on at certain times. So if you only need hot water in the morning, you could set the timer for 6am to 8am. Then the pump would only recirculate the hot water during that time. The thermostat turns off the pump when the water in the pipes reaches a certain temperature. So once the water in the pipe is hot, the pump turns off. When the timer and thermostatic controls are installed together, in series, the circulator operates ONLY at the preset clock times specified by the user AND ONLY when the temperature conditions of the thermostat are met. That is, if either the timer control or the thermostatic control switch is open (off), the circulator will not operate.

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