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Simple, straightforward and low shipping rates for these faucet hole covers.

Faucet Hole Covers

Common products in special finishes - we've thought of everything!® is your source for special finish faucet hole covers and thousands of other plumbing-related products.®; the selection on the Net since 1995.

Faucet Hole Covers
Designed to cover unused/extra faucet holes in sinks

Satin Nickel

Flat Black


Antique Brass

View bottom side of these faucet hole covers

Finish Diameter Price & Quantity
Chrome 1 3/4" $1.81
2" $2.99
White 1 3/4" $3.99
2" $7.37
PVD Polished Brass 2" $9.35
Almond 2" $7.40
Biscuit 2" $7.89
Aged Pewter 2" $20.30
Antique Brass 2" $11.47
Antique Bronze 2" $20.43
Antique Copper 2" $20.50
Antique Nickel/Pewter 2" $11.53
Stainless 2" $11.46
Finish Diameter Price & Quantity
Flat Black 2" $6.49
Gloss Black 2" $6.43
Oil Rubbed Bronze 2" $11.45
Polished Bronze 2" $20.42
Polished Copper 2" $20.42
Polished Nickel 2" $11.44
Satin Brass 2" $11.53
Satin Bronze 2" $20.48
Satin Chrome 2" $11.44
Satin Copper 2" $20.44
Satin Nickel 2" $11.43
Venezian Bronze
- Venezian Bronze is similar to Venetian Bronze
2" $20.40

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Is Venezian Bronze similar to Venetian Bronze?"
A. Yes, the Venezian Bronze items on this page are designed to coordinate well with Venetian Bronze finishes.

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