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Simple, straightforward and low shipping rates for these Hansgrohe parts.

Hansgrohe Tub & Shower Products® has the selection of Hansgrohe replacement parts you're looking for - from Axor to Uno, we've got it! Looking for more faucet choices? Click here.

Replacement Parts For Hansgrohe Bathroom Products
Part # Description Finish Price & Quantity
13097000 Mixerball with vacuum breaker for mixer faucets with turbodent -- $29.87
13964000 Mixerball without vacuum breaker -- $24.98
17993000 Axor Carlton Lever Handle Pol. Chrome $99.68
27411881 Showerarm Satin Chrome $24.78
27504930 Porter'E Mount with Outlet
(combination wall outlet/handshower holder)
Polished Brass $90.54
28496881 Clubmaster Showerhead Satin Chrome $186.73
28719000 Inversa Diverter Pol. Chrome $39.88
88585000 ThermoBalance I Cartridge -- $99.10
94005820 Axor starck aerator for single handle mixer faucets
- available in multiple finishes
Brushed Nickel $19.83
95032000 Sleeve for Ecostat Pol. Chrome $19.91
96179000 Screw Kit -- $10.76
963-01 FDA-approved silicone o-ring and cartridge lubricant - ¼ oz -- $1.89

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is Turbodent?"
A. Turbodent was a feature on some mixer handles that provided a connection to a "WaterPik" accessory for teeth cleaning.

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