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Pipe Freezing Kit

No need to drain water lines, sprinkler systems, or hot water systems before cutting pipe or tubing. The Cold-Shot keeps pressurized systems operating while you make repairs. It freezes all types of liquid in steel, copper, cast iron, aluminum, and plastic pipes ranging from 1/8" to 2" (10 mm - 60 mm) using carbon dioxide (CO2). Dip-tube type cylinders are available at all welding supply houses. The Cold-Shot is faster and less expensive than "refrigerator-type" units; faster and uses less CO2 than "bag-type" units. In five minutes you're ready to go to work on copper tubing, just three minutes for cast iron pipe.

Cold-Shot Pipe Freezing Kit
Pipe Freezing Kits
Pipe freezing kit
Every Kit Includes The Following:
10 sets of freeze heads for...
• 1/8" iron or 1/4" copper • 1/4" iron or 3/8" copper • 3/8" iron or 1/2" copper
• 1/2" iron or 3/4" copper • 3/4" iron or 1" copper • 1" iron or 1-1/4" copper
• 1-1/4" iron or 1-1/2" copper • 1-1/2" iron • 2" copper
• 2" iron    

• 1x T-distributor • 1x pair rubber gloves • 1x safety goggles
• 1x carrying case • 1x locking nut • 1x hex head screwdriver
• 2x high pressure spiral hoses w/ grips & injectors  

Cold-Shot Pipe Freeze Kit Features:
  • Repair pipe without draining lines
  • Freeze liquids in steel, copper, cast iron, aluminum, or plastic
  • Uses Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to freeze liquids
  • Fast, compact freeze units
  • Ice pack in the pipe capable of withstanding 7000psi
  • CO2 tank not included
Cold-Shot Pipe Freezing Kit #CST-2 = $488.85
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Note: There are no returns for this item

Accessories & Parts
Part # Description Price & Quantity
CST-951810 Freeze head for 1/8" iron or 1/4" copper $32.79
CST-952010 Freeze head for 3/8" iron or 1/2" copper $33.08
CST-952110 Freeze head for 1/2" iron or 3/4" copper $32.84
CST-952210 Freeze head for 3/4" iron or 1" copper $36.47
CST-952310 Freeze head for 1" iron or 1 1/4" copper $36.49
CST-952410 Freeze head for 1 1/4" iron or 1 1/2" copper $63.09
CST-952510 Freeze head for 1 1/2" iron $63.51
CST-952610 Freeze head for 2" copper $67.79
CST-952710 Freeze head for 2" iron $68.36
CST-953000 Double nipple $12.13
CST-953210 Spiral hose with grip and injector (10 ft. extended) $107.80
CST-953222 Replacement Injector $34.99
CST-953310 Spiral hose extension (10 ft. extended) $54.88
CST-953410 T-distributor for CO2 tank $56.96
CST-953412 T-distributor for third freeze head $30.10
CST-953413 Locking nut $12.21
CST-953414 Hex head screwdriver (replaced by CST-954000) $13.32
CST-953415 (2ea) Filters for injectors $22.55
CST-953416 Filter and ring for T-distributor $13.08

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The freezing times and carbon dioxide requirements given in the table below are only to be regarded as general guidelines and are valid for a water temperature of approximately 68 F (20 C). The freezing times and refrigerant consumption values will therefore vary for other temperatures. For freezing liquids in plastic pipes much longer freezing times are generally required.

Freezing Times
Freezing Head Size Material Freezing Time Carbon Dioxide Requirement Number of
possible per
20 lbs
cylinder per freeze
1/8" (10 / 12 mm) Steel
1 min
1 min
2 oz.
2 1/4 oz.
1/4" (15 mm) Steel
1 min
2 min
2 1/2 oz.
4 3/4 oz.
3/8" (18 mm) Steel
2 min
3 min
5 1/4 oz.
7 oz.
1/2" (22 mm) Steel
3 min
5 min
8 oz.
11 3/4 oz.
3/4" (28 mm) Steel
5 min
7 min
12 1/4 oz.
15 3/4 oz.
1" (35 mm) Steel
7 min
10 min
17 3/4 oz.
23 oz.
1-1/4" (42 mm) Steel
11 min
14 min
24 1/2 oz.
31 3/4 oz.
1-1/2" (54 mm) Steel
16 min
24 min
37 oz.
51 oz.
2" (60 mm) Steel 29 min 67 oz. 5

Carbon Dioxide
Friendly to the environment: No, C.F.C.
Only use cylinders with dip tube
Insert injector into the bore of freeze head and rotate 1/4 turn to lock in place

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "If I receive a defective unit, can I return it?"
A. Before attempting to return this unit, please contact General Wire Spring Co. at the toll free number on the back of the instruction manual.

Q. "My kit is not freezing the pipe. What could be wrong?"
A. The water may still be moving through the pipe. Check for any open or leaking faucets as well as an auxiliary pump that may be circulating the water in the system. Also, check for any sources of heat that could be preventing the water from freezing.

Q. "The CO2 is not flowing to the freeze fitting. Why?"
A. The tee that attaches to the CO2 bottle has a stone filter. If it has been exposed to moisture, it can freeze at the filter, thus preventing the CO2 from flowing. Turn off the CO2 bottle and remove the tee and allow it to dry. Then repeat the process. Do not blow through the tee because your breath contains moisture, and will require time for the tee to dry.

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