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Simple, straightforward and low shipping rates for these float switches.

Float Switches For Pumps

Pump float switches, available in several styles, help take the guess work out of operating your sump and sewage systems. When you are looking for a way to prevent water damage, these sump pump switches offer a simple, helpful solution.

Wide Angle Float Switch - Very Reliable! - pump DOWN type
Float Switch
Wide angle float switch shown above.
Float is 2 1/2" x 3 3/8"

alarms alarms

Pump-Down Style Float Switch (electricity is ON when float is UP)
This float switch is a direct-acting, in-line control system for automatically controlling small pumps in water and sewage systems. The switch consists of one float, a 10 ft. or 20 ft. cord with a piggyback plug, and one large mounting strap. This is a pump down style switch - this means the switch will turn on the electricity when the float is in the up position. Rated for 15 amp continuous use. With its 120V (1/2 h.p. max) piggyback plug, the switch can also be used for other items; a light, a bell, etc. These switches do not contain mercury. Note: Do not use this float switch in gasoline, volatile substances, or any other combustible liquids.

10' Float Switch Pump Down with Piggy Back Plug = $44.05
20' Float Switch Pump Down with Piggy Back Plug = $49.07

Prevent flooding from power loss by ordering a failed circuit alarm.

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  1. Using the above table, determine the differential (distance between the On and Off positions), the tether length required to achieve the differential, and the location of the tether point.
  2. Using the tie wrap provided, secure the cord to a rigid surface (i.e. the discharge pipe) at the appropriate tether location. Ensure that the float switch swings freely from the tether location and the float switch will not be obstructed during operation.
  3. Insert the piggyback plug into a grounded receptacle equipped with a ground fault interrupter device, then insert the plug from the pump into the piggyback plug. Apply power to the equipment.
  1. Fill the liquid level container with water until the pump turns on.
  2. Ensure that the pump removes the water and turns off before the pump runs out of water. Note: Ensure that the switch turns off at least two inches above the bottom of the pump intake.
  3. Ensure that there are no obstructions in the upward and downward movement of the float switch.
  4. If the on and off points are incorrect, disconnect power from the equipment. For a larger differential, increase the cord tether length. If the differential is correct, but the level is incorrect, the tether point may need to be changed. Apply power to the equipment, and repeat steps 1 through 4.
  5. After all adjustments have been completed, tighten the tie wrap to ensure the cord is held securely.

Caution: some suppliers sell lower priced mercury switches.
Float balls can leak eventually and mercury is toxic,
therefore, we don't want to sell mercury floats.

Wide Angle Float Switch - pump UP type
Float Switch
Float is 2 1/2" x 3 3/8"
Looks identical to "down" style but operates opposite.

Pump-Up Style Float Switch (electricity is ON when float is DOWN)
This float switch is a direct-acting, in-line switch for automatically filling holding tanks or similar applications. The switch consists of one float, a 10 ft. or 20 ft. cord with a piggyback plug, and one large mounting strap. This is a pump up style switch - this means the switch will turn on the electricity when the float is in the down position.
Rated for 15 amp continuous use. With its 120V (1/2 h.p. max) piggyback plug, the switch can also be used for other items; a light, a bell, etc. These do not contain mercury. Note: Do not use this float switch in gasoline, volatile substances, or any other combustible liquids.

10' Float Switch Pump Up with Piggyback Plug = $44.17
20' Float Switch Pump Up with Piggyback Plug = $49.24

Prevent flooding from power loss by ordering a failed circuit alarm.

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Customer Testimonial regarding the float switch:
"I received my float switch today. I have already installed it and it works great. Thank you for the quick and efficient service. You have a happy new customer." - Ken Hall, Lakewood, California 90712-1339

Your privacy is VERY important to us and so please note: EVERY customer that is shown here has given us written permission to quote him or her. We will NOT quote you unless we have your written permission, and with all of our customers, we will NEVER give, share or sell your e-mail address to anyone!

Float Switch Adjustment Information(in inches)
Tether Length
Tether Location*
* Tether location is approx. and may need to be varied to achieve appropriate turn-on/off positions.

Little Giant RS-5LL Remote Switch
Converts manual pumps (up to 1/3hp) to automatic operation
Little Giant RS 511 remote float switch This remote switch can be used as an alarm when used as an on/off switch for a 120V alarm system such as a horn or light. This system comes with a 25ft cord, and can convert manual pumps to automatic operation. However, please see the related FAQ below.
RS-5LL Installation
RS-5LL install The RS-5LL is a breeze to install:
  1. Attach the RS-5LL to a pipe with the cable ties provided.
  2. Slots are also provided at the upper collar of the switch housing to enable you to secure the switch to piping.
  3. The other cable tie should be used to secure the power cord to the piping approximately 3" above the switch collar as shown in image to the left.
  4. Plug in the system as shown and you're ready to go.
Description Price & Quantity
#RS-5LL Remote liquid level switch with 25ft cord
same switch used on the 5-APCP pool cover pump
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Compact Sump Pump Float Control
sump pump float control sump pump float control
This compact sump pump float control features:
  • Very easy installation, can be installed in minutes
  • ABS plastic housing for switch
  • Use for 15 amp 110/120 volt pump units up to 1/2 HP motor, piggyback cord
  • 40" length, 2"id PVC insert tube (2 3/8"od)
  • For sump pits with very limited space, as small as 3 inches diameter, (too small for conventional float switches)
  • Designed for sump pit with a maximum depth of 30 inches
  • Minimum water draw 3.5" (+/- 1")
  • Maximum water level 26"
  • Minimum on/off pump range 3" (+/- 1")
  • Maximum on/off pump range 23" (+/- 1")
  • Easy adjustments of water depth by movement of start and stop positions
  • Float made of marine foam filled tube
  • Drip proof design
  • Can convert narrow water range pump into a wide water range
  • Self tap lock screw to prevent top control unit separation
  • Click here for a exploded view of inner works
  • Click here for a typical installation view
Description Price & Quantity
Compact Sump Pump Float Switch - Pump Down Type
Turns on when water is high
Compact Sump Pump Float Switch - Pump Up Type
Turns on when water is low
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SumpWatcher -- Electronic Sump Pump Switch!
keep sump alive

Electronic Sump Pump Switch
(grey water)

SumpWatcher Sump Pump Controller (Grey Water)

Electronic Sewage Pump Switch
Electronic sewage pump switch HC5000

  Key Product Features:
  • Replaces most float switches
  • Makes most manual pumps automatic
  • Easy to set high-water level
  • Low water level is computed automatically
  • Fits in very narrow sump pits, where most floats are hard to fit
  • Ideal for a second pump when space in the pit becomes very tight
  • Installation is easy, requiring no tools
  • Plugs into a standard electrical outlet
  • No mechanical parts to wear out
  • This is a smart electronic switch with intelligence built-in
  • The built-in intelligence warns if a pump becomes defective
  • Sensor cable length (approx): 140"
  • Control unit dimensions (approx): 4"L x 2-3/4"W x 2-1/2"H
10 years? 5 years? 3 months?
Sooner or later the float switch on your sump pump is going to fail. There is no way to predict when it will happen, and there isn't any way to tell when it is starting to fail. The only thing you will know for certain is that it has failed and that is because you will have water all over your basement - and the expensive repairs from water damage!

What is a float switch?
The float switch is what turns your sump pump on and off in response to the water level in the sump pit. It's like a beach ball that "floats" on top of the water. When the water rises, the float rises with it. When it gets high enough, a switch inside the float closes and turns on the pump, draining the pit. When the water drops low enough, the switch inside the float opens and turns the pump off. And the cycle is repeated hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of times during the life of the switch.

Why will it fail?
The float switch can fail for any number of reasons. Many times the float simply gets stuck between the pump and the wall of the sump pit. That's because the pump vibrates slightly whenever it runs, and can "walk" across the bottom of the pit, eventually trapping the float between it and the side of the pit. Other times, after so many up and down cycles, it just gives out and stops responding to the rise and fall of the water in the pit. Often it stops working while the pump is running. When this happens, the pump is left switched on so that it runs continuously until it burns itself out. You can't do regular maintenance on a float switch, you can only replace it once it fails.

What can you do?
Install a SumpWatcher! It's inexpensive and it's easy, and doesn't require a plumber to do it. The SumpWatcher does what the float switch does, only much, much better. The float switch hasn't changed much in the 75 to 80 years it's been used to control sump pumps. It is a mechanical device that has to eventually wear out. The SumpWatcher, on the other hand, uses reliable microprocessor technology to control the sump pump. In fact, the SumpWatcher is so reliable the manufacturer guarantees it for a full 5 years when used under normal conditions! They can do this because the SumpWatcher doesn't have any moving parts. It uses reliable solid state components to detect the rise and fall of the water in the sump pit. So there is nothing to wear out! And because it is so much smarter than a float switch it can do a lot more, like:
  • Warn you if your sump pump motor is starting to fail
    - so you can replace it before the water damage happens
  • Automatically adjust itself to any size sump pit
    - big, small, doesn't make any difference
  • Warn you if it can't drain the sump pit
    - because the pipes are frozen, the pump is bad, the impeller's damaged, the cord is unplugged, whatever the reason
Easy to Install
Just plug the SumpWatcher into a 115 VAC outlet, lower the sensor into the sump pit and secure it, plug the sump pump into the SumpWatcher control module and Go!

What's the difference between the Electronic Sewage Pump and the Electronic Sump Pump Switch?
The only difference is the way water is detected. The Electronic Sewage Pump uses the pump as the ground reference, and the Electronic Sump Pump has a ground reference in the sensor. The Electronic Sewage Pump is very sensitive so the sensor should not touch anything else in the pit ie; pipe, wall etc.. This is not an issue with the Electronic Sump Pump.

Item Description Price & Quantity
SumpWatcher sump pump controller (grey water) $79.99
Electronic sewage pump switch - (effluent) $76.60

Note: these electronic pump switches work with sump pumps rated up to 13.8 amps.

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PondWatcher Low Water Shut-Off Switch and Alarm
Have a pond or irrigation system, but keep ruining pumps because they run dry? Protect your pump and your landscaping with this low water shut-off controller!
low water shutoff controller This emergency low water shut-off switch and alarm features:
  • Ideal for pond and landscaping pumps
  • Turns off when water level is below the sensor, protecting the pump from running dry and burning out
  • Sounds an alarm when the water level falls below the sensor which sounds until the switch is reset
  • Plugs into standard 110/120 wall outlet
  • Works with pumps that operate at 120 Volts and draw up to 10 Amps
  • Sensor Cable length: 12 feet

PondWatcher Low Water Shut-Off Switch and Alarm = $73.29

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Failed Circuit Alarm -- signals an alarm when a circuit has failed. It's designed for use on freezers, hot tubs, heat lamps for animals, pumps, etc. It can be used with any 110v/120v appliance where it is important to know if the breaker or fuse has blown (or any power outage).
Failed Circuit Alarm
failed circuit alarm This failed circuit alarm features:
  • Alerts you when a circuit has tripped (failed)
  • 85 to 90 decibel buzzer (9 volt DC)
  • Outlet saving 15 amp with "piggyback" plug
  • 110/120 volt, toggle on/off switch
  • Test button
  • Mounts up to 6 feet from outlet
  • Easy installation and a 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Fits standard 110V outlet.
  • Unit has an outlet saving "piggyback" style plug.

Failed Circuit Alarm = $47.48

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Okay, so all I have to do is plug in the electronic float switch and forget about it, right?"
A. Make sure to follow all of the manufacturer's instructions and directions by performing the proper maintenance and inspections to ensure that you are fully protected from flooding -this is ever-so-important with (man-made) safety devices as they will eventually fail.

Q. "Can I cut off the plug from the end of the Little Giant RS-5LL remote switch so that I can hardwire it into my system?"
A. No; not only would that void the manufacturer's warranty, removal of the plug will not allow the RS-5LL switch to function properly (if at all). Pressure from rising water pushes against a diaphragm inside the RS-5LL switch, which is how the switch turns off. For the diaphragm to move, the air above the membrane must be expelled; to allow this air to escape, a small vent tube runs from the top of the switch and along the cord, exiting at the plug. If the plug is removed and the switch is hardwired, the air tube would essentially be "plugged off"; the air from the area above the diaphragm membrane could not vent, which means water pressure would be unable to move the membrane to close the switch.

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