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Integral Drainboard Kitchen Sinks

by Schock-Houzer

If you are looking for a granite composite sink that doesn't look like it came from a cookie-cutter, these gorgeous, integrated drainboard sinks are the perfect solution. Featuring Antibac®, a built-in bacterial growth inhibitor for a clean work surface, any of these sinks will add a designer touch and enhance the overall look of your kitchen, while providing the years of trouble-free performance and stronger construction that granite composite sinks are known for. Select the graceful Waterfall, the sleek Horizont model, or the easy City Series sink for your new or remodeled kitchen, and you'll be glad you did! Add a beautiful cutting board, a strainer bowl, or a basket strainer, and the look will be complete.

Waterfall Series Kitchen Sinks
Example of the Houzer Waterfall series kitchen sink in Bronze
Shown above in Bronze Finish
Faucet sold separately
Example of this kitchen sink installed reversed
These sinks feature:
  • Unique reversible design makes a fantastic design statement
  • Cristadur® composite granite material
  • Silky smooth and soft to the touch yet 3 times harder than natural granite
  • Heat resistant to 500°F.
  • Hygienic antibacterial non-pourous surface
  • Highest resistance to scratches and chips
  • Overflow system keeps water from flowing from one bowl to another
  • Chrome drain assemblies with strainer, overflow and waste fittings included with sink
  • Square white plastic strainer colander for small bowl and premium white glass chopping board included
  • Pre-scored holes designed for single hole faucet installation, with room for one accessory, such as a soap dispenser or air gap
  • Includes cutout template, fasteners and instructions
  • Overall: 39-3/8" x 19-11/16"
  • Main bowl: 13-1/16" x 17-1/8" x 7-1/4"
  • Minor bowl: 6-1/8" x 6-13/16" x 5-7/16"
  • View dimensions
The unconventional style of this stunning single bowl kitchen sink lives up to its name with flowing lines and graceful curves. Versatile reversible design allows you to place the bowl to the left or right for your convenience and may be installed as a drop in, flush mount, or undermount. The secondary tiny "bowl" is only slightly larger than the drain and is ideal for rinsing veggies in the included little colander. It also has an overflow system built in to prevent water from flowing to the larger bowl. Intrinsically hygienic, the non-porous surface also features an antibacterial silver ion Antibac® finish and the silky-feeling surface lets the dirt slide right off! No need to worry about fading as this sink is UV-stable and colorfast throughout the body of the sink. Three times harder than natural granite and heat resistant to over 500°F, this amazing kitchen sink has an extremely high resistance to thermal shock, scratches and chips, making it the perfect choice for even the busiest kitchens. Sound absorption reduces noise of dishware or disposal for a sink that sounds as good as it looks.

Finish Top Mount Flush Mount Undermount
Bronze - Metallic $847.92 $849.53 $847.00
Magma - Metallic $840.63 $848.27 $847.86
↓ Replacement Accessories ↓
White Glass Cutting Board For Waterfall Series
Match to your installation style
(This cutting board included with sink)
$136.24 $137.56 $136.09
Replacement Plastic Strainer Bowl - White (This colander/bowl included with sink) $43.67

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Horizont Series Kitchen Sink with Integral Drainboard
Example of a Horizont series Houzer kitchen sink with drainboard
Shown in Magma
Faucet sold separately
These sinks feature:
  • Single bowl sink with left side drainboard
  • Drainboard features water guide and overflow drain
  • Cristadur® composite granite
  • Overflow system included
  • Pre-scored faucet holes designed for a single hole faucet and up to two accessories
  • Includes chrome drain assembly, cutout template, fasteners and instructions
  • Overall: 30-11/16" x 19-11/16"
  • Bowl: 12-3/16" x 15" x 7-11/16"
  • View dimensions
Great for the multi-tasker, this single bowl sink features an integral left hand drainboard that's perfect for drying hand-washed dishes or rinsing fresh fruit. The water guide diverts dripping water to the overflow. Formed from Cristadur® composite non-porous granite material with the addition of antibacterial silver ion, this kitchen sink is the ultimate in food safe home kitchen design. So smooth, the dirt simply runs off! Great sound absorption qualities will reduce noise from a disposer. UV-stable to prevent fading, this sink also has superior resistance to thermal shock and is heat resistant to over 500°F. Three times as hard as natural granite, it's almost impervious to scratches and chips.

Finish Top Mount Flush Mount Undermount
Bronze - Metallic $694.69 $693.27 $693.05
Magma - Metallic $691.58 $691.84 $693.27
↓ Accessories ↓
Black Glass Cutting Board for Horizont Series
- (must be ordered separately - not included with sink)
Stainless Steel Basket Strainer - Fits 3-1/2" Drain Opening
- basket strainer included with sink
Stainless Steel Wire Bottom Grid for Horizont $47.62

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City Series Kitchen Sink With Drainboard
Example of the Houzer City series drainboard sink shown in Mocha
Shown in Mocha
Faucet and strainer sold separately
These sinks feature:
  • Reversible single bowl sink with drain board
  • Cristalite® composite granite material
  • Designed for single hole faucets
  • Supplied with cutout template, fasteners and instructions
  • Overall: 33-7/8" x 19-11/16"
  • Bowl: 16-5/16" x 17-9/16" x 7-11/16"
  • View dimensions
Ideal for smaller kitchens, this versatile modern interpretation of a traditional drainboard sink only needs 24" of counter space. The reversible design allows you to customize your layout by installing the drainboard to the left or to the right. Effective drain channels guide dripping water from the drainboard to the bowl, keeping your counters from getting messy. Cristalite® composite granite material is a non-porous surface with antibacterial silver ion protection added. Ultra-fine surface structure lets dirt simply run off, making this sink exceptionally easy to clean. Colorfast throughout the body and UV-stable, this sink will not fade over time. Heat resistant to over 500°F, and three times harder than natural granite, this fantastic kitchen sink has an amazing resistance to thermal shock, scratches and chips. It's even designed to reduce noise caused by clattering dishware or a running disposal.

Finish Top Mount Undermount
Colorado - Solid $584.37 $587.25
Mocha - Solid $584.79 $586.94
Onyx - Metallic $585.02 $586.26
↓ Accessories ↓
Glass Cutting Board for City Series
Match to your installation style
(must be ordered separately - not included with sink)
$103.98 $103.45
Stainless Steel Basket Strainer - Fits 3-1/2" Drain Opening $28.81
Stainless Steel Wire Bottom Grid for City Series $80.87

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is Cristadur®?"
A. Cristadur is a granite composite material that has been specially developed for the demands of the kitchen. Particularly easy to clean, this material is composed of 80% quartz in a matrix of high grade acrylic for an ultra-fine structure, resulting in virtually effortless care and cleaning since the dirt simply runs off the silky smooth surface. UV-stable and stain-resistant, this composite sink material is also virtually shock-proof as 85 percent of the material is quartz (the hardest constituent of granite). Couple this with a high-grade acrylic binder and a finish of Antibac antibacterial protection and you get a nearly indestructible sink.

Q. "What is Cristalite®?"
A.Cristalite is an upgrade to the standard granite composite material. Tough, food-safe, UV-safe, and super smooth, it's an ideal kitchen sink material. The intensely colored sinks made with this material are extremely durable and easy to clean. Even red wine, coffee and heavy pans leave absolutely no marks according to the manufacturer. All Cristalite sinks are finished with Antibac antibacterial protection system.

Q. "What is Antibac®?"
A. Antibac is a natural, antibacterial hygienic protection system that inhibits approximately 95% of bacterial growth by using silver ions, making your kitchen cleaner and safer.

Q. "What is the difference between solid and metallic colors?
A. The solid colors are matte finished while the metallic colors have a sheen to them making them look metallic. Both feel extremely smooth to the touch.

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