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Grohe Rainshower®

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Icon halo-style rainshower
Grohe Classic 3-spray rainshower
Grohe Classic 4-spray rainshower
Grohe Rustic rainshower
Grohe Rainshower hand shower with slide bar kit
Standard shower arm
Curved Retro shower arm

Grohe Classic rainshower
Grohe Rustic rainshower
Grohe Cosmopolitan rainshower
Grohe Retro rainshower
16 in Grohe Rainshower
Jumbo showerarm
Ceiling-mount shower arm

Take a relaxing shower to soothe away tension and wash away your cares. The Grohe Rainshower® will drench you with a gentle fall of water that feels like being in the rain but without getting your clothes wet! Grohe is a leader in the bath and kitchen fixture industry, and with many finishes to choose from you are sure to find the shower head you've been looking for.

Deluxe Overhead Rainshower Shower Heads

Jumbo 16" Shower Head

This overhead Rainshower features:
  • HUGE 16" diameter provides full body coverage that makes you really feel like you're standing in the warm, gentle rain
  • 252 DreamSpray® nozzles in conjunction with SpeedClean® anti-lime system ensure a perfect, clean spray pattern every single time you shower and makes maintenance a snap
  • Brass construction for long-lasting strength
  • 20° swivel ball joint and 1/2" NPT female threads for easy installation on recommended shower arms
  • 2.5 gpm flow rate at 80 psi, normal spray begins at 7 psi
  • Stylish, durable finishes to complement any décor

Rainshower Jumbo 16" Shower Head -

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Due to the weight of this shower head, please use recommended shower arms - 28.983 or 28.492 - sold separately below

Rainshower 8" Shower Heads

Cosmopolitan 8" Overhead

These Rainshower shower heads feature:
  • Your choice of contemporary Cosmopolitan styling or conical Retro style to match more traditional décor - both available in a variety of durable finishes
  • Large 8" diameter for full, luxurious rainshower coverage
  • Utilizes DreamSpray® technology on each of the 120 nozzles for a consistently perfect spray pattern
  • Super easy cleaning and maintenance with SpeedClean® anti-lime system
  • Enjoy your Rainshower for years to come with durable brass construction
  • 15° swivel on Cosmopolitan style, 20° swivel on Retro style
  • Standard 1/2" connection threads for easy installation on almost any shower arm
  • 2.5 gpm flow rate at 80 psi, normal spray starts at 7 psi

Rainshower 8" Shower Head -

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Rainshower 4-Spray Shower Heads

Classic Rainshower Shower Head

Rainshower Rustic Shower Head

These Rainshower shower heads feature:
  • Indulge in classic Grohe styling to match your contemporary bathroom, or step back with vintage Rustic design that perfectly complements old-fashioned bathrooms
  • 6-1/4" spray face features SpeedClean® anti-lime system for worry-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Four adjustable spray patterns - rain, jet, pure, and champagne - lets every member of the family choose their preferred setting
  • Durable plastic construction is suitable for use with instantaneous heaters
  • 15° swivel ball joint lets you direct your spray wherever you like with little effort
  • 1/2" connection threads make installation fast and easy
  • 2.5 gpm flow rate at 80 psi, normal spray starts at 7 psi

Rainshower 4-Spray 6-1/4" Shower Head -

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Check out the Grohe Rainshower Color Collection for more quality rain shower heads!

Rainshower Shower Arms

Jumbo Shower Arms

Suitable for use with Jumbo 16" Rainshower shower head
1/2" male connecting threads (can be used with any standard shower head)
16" long wall mounted arm - 12" long ceiling mounted arm

Description Chrome Brushed Nickel Oil Rubbed Bronze
16" Heavy Duty Shower Arm $276.91 $349.89 $351.35
12" Ceiling Mounted Shower Arm $83.47 $109.50 $110.53

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Extended Shower Arms

Description Chrome Sterling Brushed Nickel Oil Rubbed Bronze
16" Extended Shower Arm $105.18 $139.25 $139.80 $138.05
12" Extended Shower Arm $82.45 $112.80 $112.07 $112.46

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Please note: While the 16" extended shower arm is long enough to accommodate the Jumbo 16" Rainshower shower head, it WILL NOT support the weight of this brass shower head. To help prevent injury, please use the Heavy Duty shower arms listed above.

6" Shower Arms

Description Chrome Brushed Nickel
Angled 6" Shower Arm $64.47 $89.53
Ceiling Mount 6" Shower Arm $65.52 $84.08

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Retro Curved Shower Arm

Retro Style 10" Curved Shower Arm -

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Luxury Rainshower Handheld Showers

ALL of the handheld Rainshowers pictured above feature:
  • Enjoy the luxury of a Rainshower while being able to direct the spray wherever you like with a hand shower - very well suited to bathing children, the elderly, or anyone with sensitive skin!
  • SpeedClean® anti-lime system for fast, easy cleaning - just wipe down the hand shower face and you're set!
  • Individually constructed nozzles using DreamSpray® technology ensures you get a perfect spray pattern every time you shower
  • Standard 1/2" connections for use with almost any handshower hose (sold separately)
  • Stylish, durable chrome finish with unique CoolTouch® system helps to prevent accidental burns and keeps the handshower cool enough to handle

Description Price & Quantity
Classic style 4-spray handheld Rainshower
  • Four adjustable spray patterns: rain, jet, champagne, laminar
  • 6-1/4" face
Chrome = $180.80
Classic style 3-spray handheld Rainshower
  • Three adjustable spray patterns: rain, jet, laminar
  • 5" face
Chrome = $138.20
Rainshower Rustic style handheld Rainshower
Chrome = $146.45
Icon halo-style handheld Rainshower
  • Single luxurious rain spray pattern with adjustable flow rate
  • 5-11/16" face
  • View more colors
Chrome = $87.68
Rotaflex Twist-Free Metal Shower Hose
  • Rotating cone handshower connector eliminates hose twisting and extends the life of your shower hose
  • Silicone strip around connector holds the handshower firmly in place on shower bar to prevent slipping or turning during use
59" Hose = $78.19
69" Hose = $85.22
79" Hose = $66.08

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Complete Rainshower Rustic Shower Sets

This complete Rainshower shower system features:
  • Rainshower Rustic hand shower with 5" face, SpeedClean® anti-lime system for easy maintenance and longer shower head life, multiple shell construction to keep surface cool to the touch, and standard 1/2" connections
  • Three ajustable spray patterns: rain, jet, laminar
  • 24" low profile shower bar with adjustable swivel handshower holder
  • 69" finish-matching shower hose with twist-free coupling to prevent twisting and kinking
  • Universal acrylic accessory tray for holding shampoo, soaps, etc.

Rainshower Rustic Complete Shower Set -

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