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Wall Hung Urinals

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Finding a durable, dependable commercial urinal just got easier with®. With several models and an array of colors to choose from, a new urinal can be on it's way in no time. If you're looking for water saving urinals or stainless steel urinals, we offer those, too.

High Efficiency
Porcelain White Commercial Wall Hung Urinal
by Sloan Valve Company

Sloan commercial urinal u-1002-a
This white porcelain china urinal features:
  • Washdown, wall hung urinal with an integral trap and removable strainer
  • ADA compliant when mounted no higher than 17"
  • High efficiency 0.25 gpf (0.9 lpf)
  • 3/4" top inlet spud
  • 2" IPS female back outlet flange
  • View dimensions
  • Great for offices, schools, public restrooms, etc.
  • Includes concealed hanger
  • For added support use with Zurn wall carrier Z1221

Description Price & Quantity
Sloan #SU-1002-A - Commercial Wall Mount Urinal - White $245.70
Royal 186-0.25 - Exposed Flush valve (flushometer) for urinal
- ADA Handle - Vandal Resistant Stopcap/Set Screw - 0.25 GPF
Dual filtered fixed by-pass diaphragm - Chrome finish
Zurn Z1221 Wall Carrier - urinal support system $319.95
Due to weight and to ensure safe delivery, this urinal ships by truck and has a $175 additional shipping fee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is a washdown urinal?"
A. A washdown urinal (sometimes referred to a washout urinal) is a flushing system which cleans out a urinal by providing a water rinse over the back wall of the urinal.

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