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Foundations Series Toilet Repair Parts
by Delta

Delta Foundations series toilet

Replacement Parts for Delta Foundations Toilets
Tank # C11913 - Model C01913

Parts diagram for Foundations toilets
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 RP71188M Fill Valve - Replaced by "will fit" 400A (adjustable from 9" to 14") $10.92 Enter a quantity and
2 RP76481 Flush Valve Assembly - Replaced by RP76481R - includes flapper, chain, gasket, nut $64.77 Enter a quantity and
3 RP72472 Flapper & Chain $17.51 Enter a quantity and
4 RP72850 Flapper Chain ONLY $10.26 Enter a quantity and
5 RP72809 Flush Valve Gasket $12.41 Enter a quantity and
6 RP72810 Flush Valve Nut $9.09 Enter a quantity and
7 RP82450 Front Mount Trip Lever - Chrome (find a "will fit" replacement) Discontinued
8 RP82451 Tank to Bowl Hardware Kit - Replaced by "will fit" brass tank to bowl kit $4.41 Enter a quantity and
9 RP70875 Tank to Bowl Gasket $12.29 Enter a quantity and
10 RP71196 Round Front Toilet Seat - White $37.29
200E3 Premium Bemis "Will Fit" Round Front Toilet Seat - White (view more color options) $51.18 Enter a quantity and
11 RP73630 Bolt Caps - Replaced by "will fit" bolt caps - White (view more color options) $2.76 Enter a quantity and
12 RP71146 Toilet Mounting Hardware - includes toilet bolts (2), washers (4), nuts (2), and wax ring (1) $19.26 Enter a quantity and
Replacing your wax ring? Use this handy kit to help you get the job done with minimal mess - $15.47

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