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World's Greatest Toilet

by Toto

This is currently the best toilet made by Toto (the largest toilet manufacturer in the world)!

When we say the "World's greatest toilet ever..." we really mean it! There isn't a finer, more complete toilet manufactured today. This toilet has everything: an integral warm water bidet seat with personal settings, self-cleaning ability, air-purification, auto-flush. There is no need for a tank! The lid automatically opens when you approach it, and the lid will close and flushes when you walk away. This great toilet comes with a very high-gloss finish, a power catalytic deodorizer and the concave rim design is easy-to-clean. If you can afford the very best, we think Toto's Neorest 600 is the toilet for you.

Toto Model # MS990CG -
Neorest 600 Unique Tankless One Piece Toilet with Integrated Washlet Seat
Toto toilets
  • Sleek, tankless, one-piece toilet with integrated Washlet seat
  • New Cyclone Flushing system, no waiting for refill, no refill noise
  • Skirted styling with concealed trapway for easy cleaning
  • Integrated Washlet features front and rear warm water washing, automatic air dryer and deodorizer
  • SanaGloss: Super smooth, ion barrier glazing cleans your toilet bowl with every flush
  • Automatic Operation: Air purifier, lid opens/closes and toilet flushes when sensor is activated
  • Remote Control: The Neorest comes with a wireless remote control and all toilet and Washlet functions can be handled via the remote: motorized seat (up, down, temperature), water temperature, Cyclone flush, massage, oscillate, and change wand position.
  • Three Year Limited Manufacturer (Residential) Warranty (by Toto)
  • Note: This toilet requires 1.5 gallons per 10 seconds to flush properly
    Sleek, tankless, low silhouette profile ELONGATED one piece toilet with integrated Washlet. Low consumption (1.6 Gpf/6 Lpf with alternate 1.2 Gpf/4.5 Lpf) Cyclone flushing action. SanaGloss glazing. 12" rough-in.

    Tank cover, fittings, mounting covers and Washlet included.
Neorest 600
World's Greatest Toilet:
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Cotton White
Sedona Beige

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Power rating = 120V AC, 60 Hz, 1277Watts
3 foot plug-in electrical cord
Safety features: temperature and thermal fuses
Listings/Approvals: UL, UPC, SA and others
Water pressure requirement: min=20psi; max=80psi
Ambient temp range: -33°F to 104°F
Seat heater capacity: 50W
Weight: 108 lbs.
Flow Requirement: 1.5 gallons per 10 seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is the difference between a one-piece and a two-piece toilet?"
A. Two piece toilets have a separate tank and bowl, while one-piece designs have a single, integrated tank and bowl design. One-piece toilet designs are more popular for upscale residential installations.

Q. "Will this toilet meet my town's high efficiency toilet laws?"
A. While we do make an effort to be aware of upcoming plumbing-related legislation, we simply cannot keep up with all the plumbing-related legislation for all municipalities. As part of the selection process for new fixtures, we highly recommend contacting your local code enforcement agencies for the latest plumbing fixture requirements. This will help you select the correct fixtures for your home or business, and will also help avoid nasty surprises should your project require a permit or inspection. If working with a plumber, confirm he or she is well aware of current legislation in your area, too.

Q. "What is SanaGloss?"
A. SanaGloss is a toilet glazing that helps keep the toilet bowl clean for a lifetime. SanaGloss glazing seals the toilet bowl with an ionized barrier, creating a super smooth surface. This non-porous surface helps prevent particles from adhering to ceramic, while the catalyzed ion barrier actually repels particles away.

Q. "What is a Washlet?"
A. A Washlet is a toilet seat with warm water, bidet style washing. It is a replacement toilet seat, and can be installed on a new or existing toilet, the same as any regular toilet seat. A Washlet will typically have additional functions and features, depending on the model and price range.

Q. "For the Neorest toilet, how long can I use the Washlet before running out of warm water?"
A. The Neorest uses an instantaneous water heater to provide endless warm water.

Q. "If I buy the Neorest toilet, what happens if there is a power outage and I have no electricity?"
A. The Neorest has a MANUAL OVERRIDE flush.

Q. "Can I turn off the Washlet functions on the Neorest toilet if I don't want to use it?"
A. Yes, there is a Washlet shut-off, located on the left hand side of the casing.

Q. "What is the flushing performance like for the Neorest Cyclone Flushing System?"
A. The "Cyclone" Siphon Jet flush has the equivalent strength of Power Gravity.

Q. "Can I install a Neorest on my existing plumbing?"
A. Yes, as long as you have a 12" Rough-in and your water supply is located approximately 11" off-center.

Q. "Does the Neorest work with a 10" or 14" rough-in?"
A. No, not yet.

Q. "Do I need special plumbing/wiring to use the Neorest?"
A. The water supply connection is standard 1/2 inch, and the unit plugs into a standard 120 Volt AC (GFCI (fused)) outlet. The toilet requires 1.5 gallons of water per 10 seconds to flush properly.

Q. "How do I WINTERIZE my Neorest? We have it installed in our summer home."
A. Turn off the water supply and drain the Washlet. The siphon jet supply line is insulated, but a small amount of antifreeze may be added to the bowl to prevent freezing.

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